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Science Night at the Intermediate School

While I was volunteering in Davis’ classroom, his teacher reminded me about Science night. She was telling me all about it and all of her preparations for the big day. I knew that if Davis’ teacher was involved, it was going to be amazing. So that night I packed up the boys for another adventure.

The boys were in heaven in 12+ tables of hands-on experiments and projects to make. Drake saw the goggles and said, “Hey that’s Nemo’s!” He was so cute as he insisted on wearing goggles at every single table – even if they didn’t require them. {{snicker}}

I only have a couple pictures of Dylan because he was a dude on a mission! He explored and absorbed everything around him. Even from across the room, I could see his little brain working to make sense and learn from every table.

We ran into this little cutie and Drake lit up. He took her over to his favorite station – the one with dirt – of course!

Davis made this seriously impressive circuit with over 10 wires, light bubs, and batteries. His goal was to use as many objects on the table as possible. I think he succeeded. Drake and Davis stayed at this table for almost 20 minutes.

Needless to say, everyone had an amazing time. Huge thanks to all the Science teachers and faculty who made the evening such a cool hands-on experience. It was truly amazing to see children from 3 – 11 years old engaged and memorized. Now if I could only do that in my own home. {{wink}}

One thought on “Science Night at the Intermediate School

  1. VERY COOL !!! What a great activity for the school to put on !!! You can tell the boys all loved it!!!! I like the goggles on Drake too!!! What a doll!

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