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Pinewood Derby

Pinewood derby was last week and Holy Moly was it a doozy. The actual race day went well and Dylan placed 6th. He was pleased and I was relieved!

Jason went out of town very last minute and therefore I was left to make my first pinewood derby race car. I was in panic mode as Jason pulls out all the stops every year to ensure a winning car. I’m talking special sandpaper for the nails and wheels, graphite on the thingy mabop, and specific weights which are supposed to do something that I just don’t understand.

My goal was not to be dead last.

Graciously the Scout Master took pity on us and helped cut the car. At least Dylan didn’t have a block of wood on wheels racing down the track. HA!

Good news is we found a cool gator skin and made it look as fabulous as we could. Although, we barely survived the official weigh in where Dylan might have gotten in a scuffle defending Davis from kids with a football. {{long story}} At least there was some bonding time for mom and Dylbil. {{the bright side}}

Disaster barely averted and another memory made in Scouts. Gotta love it. We grabbed a friend and ended the night savoring ice cream cones because mama needed a treat. Naturally, I told the boys it was their reward for wonderful behavior and a job well done for Dylan. But we all know mama needed some comfort food from the trauma of a very long single-mom week. {{wink}}

2 thoughts on “Pinewood Derby

  1. cool car!! I LOVE the alligator skin! You are a brave woman to tackle on your own the derby car! Kudos to you all the way girl!!

  2. The car looks FABULOUS!!!!!! Good job doing it all yourself too! It is a bit of an advantage to have an aerospace engineer in the family! But his talents and skills have obviously rubbed off!! So glad Dylan had a good time!! Way to go!!! I'm soooo PROUD!!!!!

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