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Superhero Academy Birthday

Drakes birthday party was so much fun. Not only to plan and put together but also to execute. Since the kiddos are getting older, there was zero drama and everyone was all smiles. Yep, even the birthday boy. {{which is sayin’ something}}

I took the opportunity to play around with my creative talents and really have fun with this party. My other 2 boys birthdays are in the fall – the busiest time of year – so I really wanted to enjoy this one and went all out.

You can see all the details as well as free files over on the Batman Birthday Party – Superhero Academy on Executive Homemaker.

Look like a Superhero

Vanish the Villains

Mighty Muscles

Battling the Batcave

Opening Up Presents

Blowing out Candles on the Cake

Yeah!! Drakie is four years old and officially a superhero, the batman variety. He hasn’t taken off his cape since we bought it for him last week. I honestly didn’t think anything would replace Lightening McQueen.

3 thoughts on “Superhero Academy Birthday

  1. Everything looks FABULOUS – as usual !!!! I especially like the capes and masks! The kids all look darling!!! Looks like you and Lisa had fun as well!!! I love all your cute game ideas!!! You just crack me up sometimes – I was surprised you and Lisa didn't dress as Wonder woman and Bat Girl!!! Maybe next time??????

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