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Girl Time in Canton

One of my favorite place to shop is in Canton, Texas. With my back surgery, Jason traveling, my traveling schedule, etc; it has been over a 1 1/2 years since I’ve been able to go. I know, a massive travesty in my life.

I’ve missed the girl time and fabulous shopping more than I realized. I found that amazing pink flower purse seconds after walking in. We were meant to be in each other’s life. {{swooning}}

We were celebrating Monica and Calli’s birthday so it even more imporant for me to go. Monica bought Calli this “Happy Birthday” tiara. She looks like a princess standing next to her knight in shining armor. {{bwaaahaa!}}

Guess how much Calli got this flower arrangement for? Come on… guess!
$25 little ones. Can you believe it! It’s a $200 arrangement that fell and isn’t inside it’s container anymore. Holy crap that’s a steal. I was so excited for her. She’s going to put it on her formal dining room table. {{love it}}

Dude. I don’t have anywhere I could put this in my home, but it’s amazing. Yes, I have a sick obsession with flowers. They make me smile.

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