Mother of Boys

Night Games with the Boys

Davis is going to be 12 this November and I am a bit wigged out at the idea that he will be in Young Men’s at church. He only has a couple of friends who completely “get him” and with whom he can be totally himself.

So my dear friend and I have been hosting 11 year old late night parties at our homes once a month. The idea is to bond these guys with old fashion night games.

The goal is to get them comfortable with each other, bond them, so that when peer pressure situations come up; they’ll be there for each other. Davis is going to need a group of Young Men who are willing to go to bat for him.

These nine boys are phenomenal. They were cracking me up with their conversation at dinner. They were playing the “what if” game and they were saying things like, “What if Mrs. McCain voted for President Obama”. {{no joke!}} I think they knew more about the health care bill than I did a the time. It was hysterical.

Sardines was their favorite game of the night and we ended up playing it for 1 1/2 hours. The best was when Davis hid in my closet. They were all in there for 20 minutes before I gave them a hint and they finally found him.

He had gotten inside my laundry hamper and put all the clothes on top of him. He was so deep they couldn’t find him even after several attempts!

I completely underestimated the amount of damage nine 11 year old boys would do to my house playing Sardines in the dark. But it was was worth it. They had a great time and are looking forward to the next late night.

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