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Spring Break at Sea World

This year for Spring Break we packed up the kiddos and went to San Antonio and Sea World

Now that the boys are older it was a blast!

We met up with several other families (who we just adore) and everyone had a friend to hang out with. Yep, even Mom & Dad which is key.

We had fun taking a boat tour and eating on the river walk.

Seeing all the shows and attractions.

It was seriously SO cold, but being with good friends made it really fun. Davis & Dylan road the roller coasters while Drake and I hung out with Wendy & Emily at the penguins.

Gotta have cotton candy!

On our second day the boys needed a change of pace, so wen played in the sand at the playground. Davis takes his sand castles very seriously.

We fed the sea lions.

Watched the sting rays being fed.

And got up extra early in the morning to fed the dolphins.

The kids loved the little Shamu ride and since we had to get their early to feed the dolphins, there wasn’t a line once the park opened up. I think they rode it 5-6 times each!

It’s so much more enjoyable to travel now that the kids are older. Saturday evening we all went to dinner and then had the families over to our Hotel Suite to watch a movie and the BYU football game. We had pie, junk food, and played Ticket to Ride.

Everyone had a good time and Jason and I can’t wait to go back.

It was a crazy good time.

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