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Easter and Spring Decor

Out of all the holidays, Easter is the one where my home decor sucks. Yep, I’ll admit it. It’s very juvenile and I just haven’t spent the money or time to make anything that I love.

{{Aside from the Happy Spring blocks that I made at church, of course.}}

See what I mean? I’ve basically just kept their old Easter baskets and have used them for decor. Hopefully next year I’ll really do some real decorating.

I actually do really like my egg garland. I made it last year with the boys. We bought bags of $2 plastic eggs and strung them together with fishing wire. They turned out fun.

I also like the bunnies I got at Bunco years ago when I lived in Katy. They remind me of dear friends miles away. Okay, so maybe I don’t dislike all of my Easter decor, but I’m going to make some really fun items for next year. I can’t wait!

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