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Memorial Day Weekend on the Lake

Saturday was the first day this year that we took out the Sea Doos. Jason’s finally done traveling. {{fingers crossed}}
We met up with several other families for a wet and wild ride.

Dylan was entertained the entire day by Rhett. I just love these two little cuties. Rhett most cerainly brings out the best in my little guy.

As much fun as had, I was completley traumatized by the people watching around us. There were two 18 month old babies in the water without floaties, with out supervision, and without swim diapers. {{sigh}}

At one point, a little girl was holding one of the 18 month olds and she was dunking her in the water without realizing it. Suddenly you can tell she can’t breath and vomits all over the place. The little girl realizes something went wrong and lets her go. The 18 month year old toddles off like nothing happend. {{gasp}}

At this point I’m making my way to the shore and bribbing Drake and Rhett to get out of the water as it’s “cookie time!” The last thing I wanted was those two cuties drinking it. {{grodie!}}

There were several instances like that. I could not get over the irresponsible parenting that I was witnessing. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time. I just couldn’t help but be so grateful that my boys came to my home. With their personalities and special needs, I can’t imagine what they would have turned out like if they didn’t have a mama bear noticing their differences and trying to get them proper help.

Davis learned how to wake board and Dylan had a blast riding on the tubes.

Lisa came with us and we always have the best time together. Unfortunately, this isn’t her baby she’s holding. {{they’re still working at it}} She’s a natural and will be the best mother when her time comes.

Here we are reinacting the wild ride we just had. Lisa got aggressive and was fishtailing to soak me. {{which worked several times – I was dripping wet}} All of a sudden she took a turn too fast and FLEW off the sea doo. It was hysterical.

I learned quickly that it’s “fight or flight” when on a jet ski with my sister. I couldn’t fishtail as good as she can, but dude I can book it! I finally made it to the “no wake zone” and was safe from her amuzement. {{wink}}

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