Mother of Boys

When Daddy’s on Duty

This is what happens when Daddy gives the boys full access to the toys in the attic.  {{sigh}}  Normally, I only let them have one bin at a time.  I think the reason is obvious. HA!

It ends up being a lot of clean up, but it also becomes a day of full imaginary play!

It’s like their creativity is unleashed and they spend hours in their own little world.  Today they made spaceships out of their laundry and toy bins.

It makes me so happy to see Davis’ influence in their play day.  Since he’s on medication, I only get rare glimpses into his creative brain these days.  Although there’s no doubt he needs it,  it’s nice to see the creativity flow from him and how he creates these over-the-top experiences with his brothers.

Today the mess was worth it!

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