Mother of Boys

Happy 10th Birthday Dylan

Dylan is now in the double digits as he turned 10 years old!

To my dismay, he wanted his friend party at Main Event.  I guess good-bye are the days of home parties with decorations, props, and handmade goodie bags.  {{drat!}}

The kids had a blast at laser tag, bowling, and arcade games.

It’s just what 12 boys want to do for a party.  They were in dude heaven.

To set the party up for success, I made sure that both Davis and Drake had a friend to entrain them.

Lisa and Billy came and I’m pretty sure they had just as much fun as the boys did.

Main Event took care of everything.  So it was absolutely the easiest party I’ve ever thrown, although the ugliest.  {{shhh – don’t tell Dylan}}

Davis is a natural bowler and did an amazing job.

Jason bowled with the little boys.  He says he was a great bowler until he took a bowling class in college.  HA!  I guess he lost his natural talent and hasn’t scored as high since.

Drake loves to bowl!

On Dylan’s birthday, he woke up to his favorite breakfast on his “You Are Special” plate.

We went to dinner as a family to his favorite restaurant, Chili’s.

Dylan is truly the peacemaker in our family.  He’s an understanding older brother and a kind younger brother.  I honestly don’t know what I would do with out him.  He’s the glue that holds the brothers together.

Dylan is also so appreciative of everything he receives.  He has the kindest heart and really cares about the people around him. 

Gramma Betty – this is Dylan opening up your present.  Um, I think he liked it. {{wink}}

Grandma Karen – This is Dylan all dressed up in your present.  He’s so excited about it and can’t wait to cook something.  Maybe he’ll take after his dad and be a great cook.

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