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The Boys Wish List ~ Grandparents Please Read

Davis ~ Spy Gear
Last year the boys and I started {quite accidentally} a tradition of going to Toys R Us and letting them take pictures of their Christmas wish lists.

Davis ~ Mind Flex
The two older boys scoured the store with the camera while Jason and I tried to convince Drake that he does indeed want something other than Batman.

 Davis – Transformers Devastator Showdown

Dylan ~ Nerf Dart Tag
I think it’s so much fun seeing how the boys pictures turn out and what they end up asking for from Santa. {Neither of whom believe anymore but they play along.}

Dylan ~ Ultimate Mission Spy Set
I used to do an e-mail wish list and every November I would e-mail all the grandparents what they wanted.  I have become a lot less obsessive compulsive and now just post their pictures in hopes of making their shopping trip a little easier.

Dylan ~ Spynet Laser Strike

Dylan & Davis ~ Halo Toys from Mega Blocks
You see, we have 7 sets of grandparents!  So they end up getting a lot of gift cards but they’d rather get a toy.  It’s so cute because they remember for years later who bought them each toy. It’s actually quite adorable that they put so much love into the toys they receive as gifts from their grandparents.
You might have noticed that there aren’t any pictures of what Drake wants.  Um, yeah.  We’re still working on that.  At this point, anything with a blue or black cape will be just great.  {{giggle}}

3 thoughts on “The Boys Wish List ~ Grandparents Please Read

  1. ha ha i do that too! but for my hubby, because he is kind of a noob when it comes to the little things (i like to open a couple of small things in addition to the latest gadget that he thinks i need)…

  2. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who takes pictures for the wish list. People look at me funny when I'm in the store taking pictures of my kids holding toys…

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