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My Gig with Marhsalls & TJ Maxx

Do you remember when Proctor and Gamble flew me out and I got to meet Tim Gunn?  Well, I got another great trip this time to the head offices at Marshalls & TJ Maxx. I already blogged about it over on Tip Junkie and that lead to another great gig.

They have contracted me out to create three gift guides for them.

  1. 12 Days of Christmas for the Family – complete with printable tags and poems
  2. Gift Guide for Men – I’m giving away a $200 gift card {enter quick!}
  3. Gift Guide for Kids

So that’s what I’ve been doing – shopping! {{giggle}}  It has actually really opened my eyes to a completely new way of buying brand names.  I tell ya, this one has been life changing.  I do not like to dig through stuff – I want to see it laid out pretty on a cute rack.  Well, they do that at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls – it just takes a bit getting used to the layout of the stores.

HA!  Who knew I would be the one to learn so much and have such a great time showing people how to shop.  I’m so grateful for this new gig and completely humbled for the opportunity.  I just hope I don’t screw it up.  {{crossing fingers!}}

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