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Rocky Top Therapy Center

This semester Davis was accepted into the Rocky Top Therapy Center.  It’s an amazing program that our school district provides for kiddo’s who lack specific types of social development.  Such as improvement in the individual’s confidence and discipline while improving gross and fine motor skills, posture, balance, and coordination.


Davis went every Tuesday morning from 7 – 9am for nine weeks.  He picked his horse, Swifty, and every week he cleaned, fed, and took care of him.  At the ranch Davis was taught how to learn the body language of Swifty, build trust, and developed a strong bond with him.

Davis’ confidence skyrocketed thanks to this experience and the therapists were so incredible to see the specific needs of Davis and taught him how to find his “calm place” that he uses on the horse in real life experiences as well.

At the end of every session, they ended their day with “ups and downs” where they gathered in a circle and shared one high point in their life or for that day, and one low point.  This has really helped Davis to verbalize his feelings and see the great parts of life as well.

On the last day, we as a family were invited to come and meet Swifty and see Davis in action.  He was so wonderful with the horse and it was amazing at how well Swifty responded to Davis.  You could tell how well they knew each other and enjoyed each other.  It was really cool to see.

The boys loved seeing Davis work with his horse!

Dylan was completely adorable during “ups and downs”.  He said that his “up” was being able to watch Davis work and ride his horse and his “down” was that he had to wait 2 years until he could attend Rocky Top.  {{giggle}}  

I didn’t have the heart to tell Dylan that he may not be able to get in.

It was such a cold morning but seeing Davis in an environment that he was completely confident in and hearing the stories of the therapists on how much Davis has grown and learned – warmed my heart.

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  1. what a neat program! so glad your son was able to attend. i bet he sure learned alot. hope he gets to go back and visit swifty sometimes!

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