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Reliving Christmas Memories {cuz I’m finally uploading them – HA!}

{Visiting Nana}
 Ahhh, Christmas memories…  This year December was a complete blur as I overcommitted myself with work.  It was a good kind of work which brought once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and made this Christmas extra special for our family.
I worked with TJ Maxx/Marshalls and GameStop which was a lot of fun and once again made me get out of my comfort zone and learn something new.  
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I also launched 4 new sites, which took me 2 months just to design on paper {{giggle}}:
I adore these new sites!  Not only are the Tip Junkie girls all dressed up cute, but these new blogs feature “the best of the best” within their niche.  They are perfect for quick browsing with powerful search functionality. {{love it!}}  
They have exceeded my expectations and I believe are the next generation of “content aggregation” blogs. Believe it or not, they are only in phase 1 – as I have big plans for these new Tip Junkie girls.  {{evil laugh}}
{Drake w/ Barry’s Kids}
I was teaching them to tilt their head for the photo.  HA!

We visited a lot of family before Christmas.  Scott {my 3rd brother} game up from College Station for a quick visit.  It was great to see him and the boys LOVED rough-housing with him.  He reminded me so much of the time when Jason was in college and I was working.  Man, that was such a stressful time in our lives.  Being broke and not knowing what the future holds – just sucks!  {{poor Scott}}
Then we headed over to Houston and saw my Mom and Barry’s family {my 2nd brother}.  My mother flew in from California for Christmas.  Sadly, I only took one picture while we were visiting.  I was having so much fun – I completely forgot to capture the moments on film.  {{“L” on forehead}}

Lastly, we spent a couple days with Jason’s family.  Betty {Jason’s mom} and Gary live on the river.  So the boys had so much fun fishing, shooting, and all things outdoors.

After several attempts, Drakie finally successfully fed the cat 1/2 a fish.  Yep, we had just caught it from the river and Gramma chopped it up for Drake to feed it to the cat.  {{grodie}}  Not your everyday occurrence in the burbs where we live.  {{snicker}}

As the sun was setting I took a quick picture of Jason and I on the dock.  {{awe!}}

It just goes to show that “environment” has a LOT to do with your upbringing.  Who would have known that three little computer nerds would love being outdoors so much!  I can’t pay them to play in the back yard at home.  I guess I need a … lake… dead fish … tractor… ?

{sigh} Ok.  So I married a native Texan.  Yes, when I met Jason he was a wrangler wearing cowboy who ironed his jeans.  {no kidding} I’ve done a great job at prepping him up – but a girl can only do so much.

Jason fondly remembers getting his first gun when he was 10.  Therefore, he’s been wanting to get the boys a gun for quite a while now. Living in the burbs – I’ve been able to successfully dodge this issue for quite some time now.  Well, no longer…

As of this Christmas, my boys are now the proud owners of their own air pellet gun.  {{what?!?}}  I know, I know.  I assure you it was beyond my control.  
We let them open it up early since we were in the country at Gramma’s & Grandpas.  They have their own little shooting range all set up and ready to go.  So Jason and the older boys spent days shooting guns.  
Seeing how strict Jason and Grandpa were with them, and how particular they were with the rules, I have to say that I’m no longer freaked out.  I was seriously impressed at how careful the boys were and how much they respected the rules and understood the seriousness of holding a rifle.  They spent hours just learning about guns, safety, and proper technique.  I would have thought they would have gotten majorly bored – but they didn’t.
It’s so weird seeing my little boys grow up right before my eyes!
Christmas Morning

So the ONLY thing Drake wanted for Christmas was the Trio Batcave.  Santa did not disappoint. Drake could not have been happier Christmas morning.  Although, to this day – he has yet to play with it alone.  {{pulling hair out!}}  He’ll only play with it if I make on of the boys play with him.  Dude – I don’t get this kid.  He spent 2 months asking for it.  {{scratching head}}
For the older boys, I set up a 3 clue scavenger hunt for them to find their big gift from Jason and me.  Sorry Santa – you don’t get credit for this one.  It’s all mine!  {{evil laugh}}
After running up and down and around the house, the boys arrived into the study where their new computers where waiting for them!  They were blown away and completely shocked.  It was a cool moment as a parent.

Jason’s work has this program where they earn “reward points”.  Over the year, he had earned enough points for 2 free computer monitors.  {{squeal}}  Shhhh… don’t tell the boys but their gifts were not as expensive as they appear.  Jason built the CPU’s.  Now Jason, Davis, and Dylan can all play their game against each other at the same time!  They’re loving it.

It’s not very often that you get to look like a rockstar in your child’s eyes.  Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed this moment. {{boy do we have them fooled}}

I have a philosophy for Christmas morning fun for everyone. Therefore, I try to get the boys:

Something to build
A video game to play
A toy for their imagination (usually the toy to build)
Something to play with outside
A board game
A big gift from Santa

Pre-Christmas work is mine, but Christmas Day work is a Jason!  He’s the one that gets to put batteries in everything, put things together, and do all the dude stuff.  He’s great at it.
Like last year, most of the kiddos gifts came from the companies I worked with.  GameStop sent Drake a new DSi and some games.  {{thank heaven}}  He loves it.

Jason got a smoker and a gaming mouse for WOW.  My gifts came from TJ Maxx & Marshalls.  I was boring and very practical:  new plates, pot, towels, and bathroom decor for Dylan’s bathroom.  I know, I’m so boring. I can’t help it.

{Davis is always good at being overly grateful}}

Christmas morning was a wonderful memory that we’ll all cherish for years to come.  Looking back, I’m just so flippin’ grateful for the opportunities that Tip Junkie has given us.

Even the boys have expressed their gratitude for “my store”.  That’s what I started calling it years ago when they were too young to understand what a blog was.  Our lives have most certainly been enriched.  I’ll always be most grateful for this ride and this special opportunity of doing what I love.  It’s so rare.

3 thoughts on “Reliving Christmas Memories {cuz I’m finally uploading them – HA!}

  1. cute stuff Turk! So funny because that bat cave TRIO thing has been all that Drake talks about in Primary for 3 weeks now. I call him Drakeman because of it… to which he always responds with "No, BATman!"

  2. What a wonderful and blessed Christmas! I love the recap! Thanks for sharing!
    Glad your Christmas was great! Good talking to you the other day! So happy for your new sites! diana

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