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30 ROCKS! ~ Rockin’ 30th Birthday Party

We had a rockin’ 30th birthday party for my sister Lisa at my house.  My sister really does ROCK and this was the perfect way to celebrate her 30th birthday.

rockin 30th birthday party

We all dressed up as our favorite rockers, played Just Dance 2, and Guitar Hero.  I swear it was such a fun night.

30 ROCKS! {Lisa’s 30th Birthday Party Video}

It was so much fun in fact that I just had to make a video.  {snicker}  It was just too much fun not to relive over and over again.  If you don’t have Just Dance 2 then you’ve got to go get it.  I swear it’s such a fun time and quite the work out!

Can  you tell who everyone one is dressed up as?  If you’re stumped then watch the video – it has all the details.

Lisa dressed up as Haley from Paramore and really rocked her red and yellow wig and was the life of the party. There are so many things I love about my sister.  I love it that she doesn’t take life seriously, she’s sarcastic, always up for a fun time, speaks her mind, is patient, and very independent.  {So basically – the exact opposite of me.  HA!}

Living so close to her that we can walk together at night and share our day has been such a blessing in my life.  She’s such a sport listening to me talk about my business and my boys.   She’s full of great advice and really has my back.  I just adore her and have come to rely on her so much.

It was the perfect 30th birthday party and fabulous evening full of friends, food, and fun!  Love you Sis!

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