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I Just Adore A Luncheon

I’m a gal who just loves a luncheon.  Yep, quality time is my love language and therefore an intimate lunch fits the bill perfectly.  I love decorating a table and laughing with friends.  It’s most definitely one of my favorite things.

So when Tide asked me if I would host an event and chat about laundry woe’s, I was “in like Flin”!  Naturally, the first thing that popped into my head was, “how am I going to decorate?!?”  {snicker}

I knew that I wanted to use the Tide orange, but I wanted to keep it sophisticated and fun.  So when I found these ruffled orange place mats at Pier 1 Imports I was completely giddy.  Those were the starting  point for the look.

I already had the white plates {TJ Maxx} and picked up the spring napkins at World Market in the clearance section.  The big orange gerber daisy’s were at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places.  I simply cut and twisted the stems into a napkin ring.

I already had these 3 tall vases {from Walmart} and I knew that I wanted to caputure the essense of the blue Tide liquid ~ but having laundry detergent at the table just didn’t sit well with me.  I mean, who wants to eat with soap right in front of you.  {bwaahaa!}

So you can imagine my delight when I came across these blue, teal, and white glass pebbles.  They were perfect for the vases. The not only do they remind me of the Tide liquid but they also were heavy enough to hold my lolipops in place!

Tip:  I actually have a smaller vase inside the larger vases so that it takes up the majority of the room and I only had to purchase 1 bag of pebbles per vase.  This also works great when you’re decorating with candy!

Yep, you guessed it!  I printed off the Tide logos and taped them onto 3 large lollipop sticks.  To finish off the look I simply tied a bow at the stem in blue and white polka dot ribbon.

As happy as I was with the final look, one little guy was not as impressed.  {snort}  He’s a tough critic.

So here it is, the final video that I created for Tide to showcase our fun discussion as well as help get the word out about the In-Wash Booster.  Man, it was such a fun afternoon!
Jen wins with the worst thing that she has washed and dried ~ a poopy diaper!  You’ll have to watch the video to see what other crazy things we have washed.

btw:  Thanks to this assignment, I’m completely addicted to the In-Wash booster.  My 5 year old still has #2 accidents in his pants. {I know TMI – yuck!}   But now I just wash all of his laundry together and toss in the little packet.  Now everything comes out clean!  I was pre-washing those baby’s by hand and it was making me an angry mama.  Now I don’t even think about it anymore.  Talk about a huge relief and one less thing I need to stress about.  Thanks Tide!

Thanks to all the amazing information Tide sent over, I learned a lot as well about the Tide Stain Release In-Wash Booster!

  • It removes stains better than the leading powered in-wash booster.
  • It comes in these easy to use duo packs – check out my Laundry Basketball Video.  {I’m such a dork!}
  • It contains technology designed to help stop stains from reattaching to other items of clothing during the wash cycle.

Our stained clothes came out clean and we had the most delightful luncheon.  Not a bad day a the office.

Want more info?  Her are Tide Tools and Tips and Coupons:

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