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A Twinge of Nostalgia ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Can you tell that I still really miss summer?  I know that I shouldn’t be so obvious about it but I really do.  We created several wonderful memories as a family but hands down the best ones were at Universal Orlando Resort.
If you’re planning a trip, I blogged about all my travel tips over on Tip Junkie:

I created a vacation count down calendar with my new Silhouette machine so that we could all anticipate the trip together.   In each roller coaster is a piece of paper with information on a ride or attraction that we’ll get to experience.  I wanted the boys to really get a feel for how amazing this trip would be, know what to expect, as well as bond our family in the anticipation and conversation.  It worked!

It was Drake’s first time to ride in an airplane. {technically 2nd but he was an infant}  He absolutely LOVED it.  Actually the first thing he asked when we told him about the trip, was if he would be riding in an airplane.  The boy was seriously stoked!

{Um… to clarify, that Diet Coke is mine – not his. HA!}

If you stay on-site at the Universal Orlando Resort then you have access to all 3 Hotels’ pools.  I swear this was Drakes favorite part.  He absolutely loved the pools and the Hard Rock Hotel pool was his favorite.  It was really convenient to be able to hit the pool whenever you needed to relax or cool down.

I was really worried about Davis this trip.  Turning 12 has brought about so many more emotions, harder transitions, and insomnia.  However, all that worrying on my part was in vain.  The staff was incredible, we prepared Davis properly, and he had the most amazing time!  I was really proud of him as he was able to ‘enjoy the ride’ the entire week and stay on his best behavior.  I know that he had to really work at it and I was so grateful for all of his extra efforts.  It made the week as a family one of the most pleasant and exciting trips to date.

I can’t say enough about the parks! They were clean, technologically advanced, and a flippin’ good time!  We can’t wait to go back.

Deanna was our tour guide at the park and made us feel so special.  She seriously has such a cool job and has met so many celebrities.  I tried to get her to dish, but she’s way too professional for that.  HA!

Jeanette and I became fast friends and this trip introduced me to so many new bloggers who I absolutely ADORE!  It’s been so fun to see them at EVO and then again at BlogHer.  I’ve been spoiled seeing them so much this summer.

I just got my SLR camera and needless to say I have a lot to learn. But it was so much fun trying out new settings, learning about lighting, and using all of the photo op’s in the park to practice some new skills.

Did I mention the kids loved it?

It was so cool when I got an email from  MSNBC that the Today Show featured our family’s photo from Harry Potter World.  I took a screen shot of it to prove to the boys that they were featured.  But um, they were very unimpressed since I didn’t come with cash or a prize.  {whatever}

My new peeps!  Yes the trip was amazing but so were all of the bloggers.  My goodness these are ‘my people’.  There was zero drama and zero ego’s with this group.  They made it so easy to get to know them and their kiddos.  I have no doubt that these people will be in my life for years to come.  Yes, they are THAT cool.  Jason and I felt so blessed to be amongst such talented and warm people.

At the Universal Orland Resort they have child care!  So we dropped all of our kiddos off at camp {which gave me hives I was so worried about their behaviors and staying up so late in a strange place} and we went to dinner and the Blue Man Group as couples.

Once again my worry was needless, because when we picked up the boys from camp they didn’t want to leave!  They completely bonded with all of the other children and the staff was so accommodating and playful that they didn’t miss us one bit. 

I must be living under a rock because I had no idea how flippin’ cool the Blue Man Group is.  My favorite part was when the paper towels came down and everyone was grabbing them to take them to the front.  Dude… that was cool!  I loved it.

HA!!!  Since I currently have a bit of a Diet Coke addiction I had to take this picture of Drake in the Coke misting machine at Universal Studios.  {bwaahaa!}

Thanks for indulging me in my nostalgia as the summer comes to a close and I come to terms with the realities of a rigorous fall schedule.  {big sigh}

I would also be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone at Universal Orlando Resort for making the week so extraordinary, so well planned, with a variety of activities and experiences that we’ll never forget!  Have I mentioned how much I miss summer…

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