Mother of Boys

Sprinklers, Sun, and Shaving Cream

Talk about some serious shaving cream, sun, and sprinkler fun!  To celebrate Dylan going into Middle school we threw all the 5th graders an outdoor bash.  Just like we did for our oldest kiddos.

Dylan immediately got into it and joined in the fun as soon as we arrived.
This year we didn’t do as many organized games because it just wasn’t needed.  Each kiddo was armed with a can of shaving cream and the festivities began!

Ahhh… to be a kid again.

Thank goodness Megan had the slip and slide ~ it ended up being the shower to wash off all the shaving cream. {snicker}

I just adore this little man.  Out of all my boys, he is the most like me.  He handles life the same way that I do and has many of my personality traits.  It just makes it easier to understand him and be in his life.  He’s truly a joy and blessing in our family.

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