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Birthday Dinner

We had a girls night dinner to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We had such a fun night with great conversation. We each brought the birthday girl a flower, put it in a vase, and I attached a Friends Are Like Flowers poem. We also gave her a gift card to Hobby Lobby. You can print out the poem free on Executive

Friends are Like Flowers Poem

Friends are like flowers each unique in their own way,
put them all together what a wonderful bouquet.

Some are really brilliant full of light sharp and clear,
while other are more subdued to both you can adhere.

You are a flower in my garden that makes up my bouquet,
my friends you all make a very impressive display.

I also like the saying, “Friends are like flowers because they let each other grow seperately without growing apart.”

Near the middle of dinner we realized that the left side of the table blogged and the right side didn’t. Yeah, I have 2 new blogging friends! Here we are Blogger vs. Non-Blogger. We’re duking it out. 😉

6 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner

  1. Hey girl, you don’t miss a beat! It was fun to see your post about our night tonight. That was another fun time!! Thanks for all you did to organize it!! You just might convert me to this blog thing one day! I can see how much fun it is! You’re awesome : ) Trish

  2. so fun for a birthday dinner idea! and love the poem, i might just have to do that for my friends birthday Friday night! you got my thinking wheels turning! always inspired by you!

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