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Bonding Time

I can tell what I do all the time by what my baby likes to do. Does that happen in your house? Since I’ve been blogging and the boys are addicted to Webkinz, Drake spends a lot of his time trying to climb the chair in the study to get to our computers. Here Lisa gave in and let him “type” on her laptop. Can you see the pure joy exuding from his body!

Drake and Lisa have totally bonded. She gets annoyed that Drake takes so long to warm up to her when she comes to visit. Well, she finally got her wish and Drake was her shadow the last several hours of her visit. Mission accomplished, they’ve bonded.

4 thoughts on “Bonding Time

  1. yay! for Lisa getting some baby love!
    and yeah, my baby thinks he knows how to work the mouse and has to “help” type! and my 3 year old does know how! scary, how they get better and better, younger and younger.

  2. Cute pic of Drake and your sis…wish Drew was like that, he hangs off me when I am on the computer so I can only be on it while he’s asleep or someone else is entertaining him.
    I got your comment about Pay it Forward- you can still do it…I will gladly send you something if you would like to join in on the fun and do it on your blog also. Let me know….;)

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