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Grandparent Post

Drake’s still not eating nor napping. I’m seriously frustrated with him. So I decided to make a Grandparent Post and focus on the positive. Drake just started praying! It’s so adorable. He just did it on his own one evening and we were so surprised. He’ll usually do it after we’ve blessed the food. It’s such a treat.

I’ve got to get him off the bottle. Seriously. I just don’t have the energy right now. We’ll tackle it after school starts. Here, I ran out of the 8 oz bottles and only had 2 four ounce ones left. He rotated them. Darling.

Drake won’t eat crackers, cereal, fruit, fruit snacks, etc. But the boy loves Cheetos! I was upstairs cleaning and asked Davis if he would put Drake in his high chair and give him a snack. This is what I came downstairs to find. I love this picture. He’s so happy in it!

8 thoughts on “Grandparent Post

  1. What a cutie! I wouldnt worry about the bottle battle! I usually let my kids drink a bottle at bedtime until they are 3!! That is a great age to reason with them and then it is not a nightmare.
    I can almost hear all of the moms out there reading this gasping!! LOL

  2. Drake is so cute – hope he is eating better for you! I love your boys names – and it’s great that you did your shopping on line (I’m catching up!) Have a great week!

  3. I know! What is it with kids and cheetos, and not wanting to eat anything normal?

    Two bottles–that’s a cute photo!

  4. Who doesn’t love Cheetos? My youngest is having the food battle too! She only has 2 teeth and wants to eat what we do! 🙁 Hope she doesn’t starve or choke!

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