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Online School Shopping

I did something very nice for myself this year. I did all the boys school clothes shopping online! Yep, instead of dragging all three boys into several stores and spending hours coordinating outfits; it took me one hour to purchase them all online. 🙂 I shopped 3 different stores, found all their sizes, bought hard-to-find slim adjustable shorts, and was still in a good mood afterwards. It was such a treat!

Since I don’t have any cute girls to dress, I do coordinate some of the boys outfits. Simply for my personal enjoyment. Not all of them and I don’t make them match everyday. They decide what they want to wear each morning. I just like to have matching clothes on hand for events like, trip to Grandma’s, zoo, 6 Flags, etc.

It all started when Davis was little. He would take off in public all the time. I would make sure the boys matched so if I had to find Davis, I could point to Dylan and say, “He looks just like this!” Also, I would take a picture of them with the digital camera that I brought with me so I could show it as well. I know, it sounds awful. But just until a year go trying to keep Davis safe and with me at all times was a huge problem. I’m so grateful we have it under control now.

I went through all the boys clothes and decided what we’re giving away, what we’re donating, what we’re keeping, and what we still need. I love cleaning out the boys closets and getting them back in order. I think it feels good to start off the new school year with a fresh start.

How do you get ready for school?

16 thoughts on “Online School Shopping

  1. I think you are so smart! My daughter actually loves going shopping, but it’s a nightmare for my boys. I’m going to remember this tip!

  2. My boys wore matching shirts just yesterday. I always have the girls match and the boys match when we are in big crowded areas like the airport. It is so much easier to keep track of them.

  3. What a fun site!! I’m so excited to find another Laurie!! And am I to assume that you’re in Dallas?? I read the thing about Canton – my parents used to live in Southlake.

  4. ok i do the same thing on the matching!no wonder i like you! we think alike on all the best stuff. and i am super impressed about the purging and organizing before school starts. i have until Monday. so i think i missed my chance but i am impressed!~

  5. Ok- I too have just gotten into the shopping on line thing for my boys! Boys are sooo easy to shop for!

    I noticed the clothes were from Children’s Place! I love that store- they have the best boy clothes! They also ship their clothes very fast!

    I haven’t dressed by boys the same except for holidays- but as Little Bit starts being more mobil I can see how it would really help in a crowd- thnkas for the tip!

  6. SOO smart, Laurie! I love the stuff you picked out! I think I could really get into the on-line shopping- William is hard to contain!

  7. I love online shopping too, so much easier with little ones! I think the shipping (if there is a fee)is a small price to pay for sanity.
    I like the idea of matching shirts when you are out & about–smart tip.

  8. Lindsey – I got shopped at Children’s Place, Old Navy, and Gap. I think these pics are from the Children’s Place.

  9. Laurie (Wimmer Family) – Yes, I live in the Keller area closer to Ft. Worth. Southlake is such a great area. They have some great shopping. 🙂

  10. Love online shopping! And the matching thing….um, I do it all the time because I think it’s cute….maybe if I have a girl then I won’t have to dress up my boys so much, but for now, the have to endure!

  11. I bought a bunch of clothes for Sweet G online this summer for school and LOVED it! The only thing that I was bummed about is that pants are hard to fit for her, and one pair was a little tight! Hard to return, so I showed her the “pregnancy rubber band” trick, and she’s wearin’ those suckers!
    Cute clothes. I love the matching!

  12. I’m with you too! Especially with 3 kids and one being a baby… My daughter loves to shop, but come on…I don’t know how you do it with 3 BOYS! My one is enough to make me a little crazy at the end of the day! 🙂 I love him though..I do!0000000

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