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You’re It

1. When was the last time you ran? I don’t run. I like to go on walks with friends and my sister.

2. Do your jeans have rips, tears and holes in them? No.

3. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night? Yes. I have to or I’m cranky.

4. If you had someone “stop by” without you knowing what would your house look like? Well, I would be in my P.J.’s but my house would be picked up. I don’t allow toys downstairs so it’s easy to keep clean. Come on over!

5. Do you eat raw cookie dough? Shoot Yeah!

6. Have you ever kicked a vending machine? no.

7.How do you eat an Oreo? dip it in milk…my favorite are the double-stuffed

8. Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone? no.

9. Could you live without a computer? No. I’m too addicted to Microsoft Publisher. I love to make games, activities, gifts, etc. I also scrapbook with Shutterfly.

10. Do you wear shoes in the house? No. I have bins in the laundry room and everyone takes them off when they come in. (I don’t require guests to take off their shoes. I just don’t like tripping over my kids shoes throughout the day.)

11. At what age did you find out Santa wasn’t real? I don’t remember ever believing in Santa. But both my kids still believe (8 and 6). I think it’s so fun.

12. How many phones, (house and cell phones) are in your house? We have 2 phones (land lines) and 3 cel phones.

13. Who would you call first if you won the lottery? My sister, Lisa, and then I’d blog it and tell all of you!

14. Last time you saw your best friend? Just this morning, I live with him! I’m lucky enough to have several girlfriends who I adore and see weekly. I see my sister regularly. Yeah!

15. What jewelry are you wearing right now? Wedding ring, James Avery ring, and ear rings.

16. What is the first thing you do when you get on-line? Check blog comments.

17. Do you watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Yes, love that show!

18. How do most people spell your name? I don’t think people do spell my name but if they do I’m sure they have the correct spelling.

19. When was the last time you left your house? Yesterday at 1:30 pm.

20. Do you return your shopping cart? I try to put it in the “cage” unless my baby’s crying.

21. What noise do you hear right now? Baby panting like a dog playing with Dylan and World of Warcraft.

22. Who is the youngest in your family? Drake, 16 months.

23. Who does the dishes at your house? I do.

24. If all of your friends were going on a road trip, who would be most likely to over pack? All of us would! They’re too cute and love to accessorize!

25.Do your siblings ever pay for stuff for you? Yes, I have the best sister!

26. Do you know anyone with the same name as you? Yes. My SIL had the same name until she got married. I have about 6 close friends with my same first name right now. Crazy!

27. When was the last time you cleaned your toilets? 5 months ago. I have a lady who comes and cleans. She’s awesome and it’s such a stress relief to know they’re clean.

28. Do you watch movies with your parents? No. My parents are divorced.

29. Do you get your hair cut every month? No, every 6 weeks. One of my girlfriends has a mini-salon in her house and I get it done with my friend Julie regularly. When Drake was a baby Julie would hold him while her color was setting and I was getting it cut. She’s the best!

30. What was the last thing you purchased? Cookies, sodas, and chips for a swim party and movie night outside with Julie and her family.

Thanks for Onehm for the list.

6 thoughts on “You’re It

  1. Hey Laurie!
    What a fun blog you have!!! I stumbled across your blog through a link on Jen Hatch’s. I enjoyed reading through some of your posts-too fun! Your boys are adorable, and I enjoyed reading more about you. Anyway, I noticed one of your previous posts mentions the Stephanie Meyer Twilight books. Do you have the first two books in the series, and can I borrow them? My sister said I could borrow hers the next time she comes for a visit next month…don’t think I can wait that long!
    Let me know!
    ([email protected])

  2. Hi Laurie! I love reading your blog! And it’s fun to know another Laurie, what’s not to like about that? I’m going to steal your list, if that’s alright with you. I’m having a dry spell on the blogging…maybe this will help.
    Check ya later!

  3. Hi Laurie- I’ve tried to leave a comment like 3 times. This is my last attempt! I love your blog! And I love to know another Laurie out there!
    I’m going to steal your list if that’s alright with you. I need something to blog about – I’m all dried up at the moment.
    Thanks – check you later!

  4. Laurie W – I moderate my comments because I’ve received some sexually obscene ones in the past. Because of that when you make a comment, it is saved and you won’t see it immediately. Sorry for the inconvienence. I got your comments and am looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Also, feel free to use anything I post. That’s what it’s for. I hope others will be half as inspired by my blog as I have been been.

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