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Remember how I said that I can tell what I do alot by what my boys do? Well here’s another example. I came in to the living room and this is what I saw. All the boys where wearing my headbands. Yes, even Drake. In fact, he had one around his head and one around his neck like a necklace. Here, he did not want Dylan to grab him.

(Notice Davis has his tounge out! 😉 I guess there is a little of me in him after all. So proud.)

Another thing I’ve been doing a lot lately is getting Sonic drinks. My friends are famous for them! I just keep forgetting to buy sodas at the grocery store and have had to resort to going to Sonic. The thought of dragging all 3 of the boys into the store just for a case of Diet Coke is exhausting.

When I wasn’t looking Drake grabbed my drink. The route 44 is almost as big as he is! The funny thing about it is that it was pretty much empty. So all he could taste was the watered down Coke and a LOT of lime. 😉

I cut Drake’s hair finally. It was an impromptu cut. We were in my bathroom and I grabbed the electric clippers and cut it as fast as I could. It’s not perfect but it will do. Here he is posing for the camera. He’s such a cheese when he sees the flash.

15 thoughts on “Grandparent Post

  1. Seriously, that cup is half his size! And I just love boys and all their quirks. Haircut looks nice, too (I just buzzed my boy’s). *B

  2. My goodness I’ve got cute nephews! Not only does Davis have your tounge pose, but your exact same tounge! Holy cow that thing is long! You need to take a picture of both of you touching your noses with your tounge 🙂 Drake’s hair cut looks great. Man that kid is cute!

  3. MMmmmmm… Love me some Sonic. Got me a Route 44 yesterday and took one to Katri as well. Turned out to be a good move, as apparently during their play date, my girls ate her out of house and home. Ya gotta love good manners!!! I’m so proud.

    See ya this afternoon!

  4. Ahh, your boys are so cute! At least they’re copying you in purely innocent ways. My second says, “Bam!” when things don’t go well. Somehow, I think she is trying to say something else! :O 😉

  5. very cute pics. your boys are so cute. I have a few of each of my kids as toddlers like the one with Drake. Too funny. And I’m with you on the ‘there is no way I am dragging my kids into the store for a drink.’ We have a Coffee Kiosk here that has Orangesicle drinks (non coffee fyi) that I love and it’s a drive thru so I go there a few times a week. Even though Josh says I should avoid the appearance of evil.

  6. You did a great job on the hair cute. Very handsome!

    The things we do for a Diet Coke.
    I a quite sure I would drag all six to get me a delish beverage.

  7. Too funny! I go at least 3 times a week to get a Rt.44 Diet Limeaid! YUMMY!
    As the mother boys I completely understand your hesitation on going to the store for soda or anything for that matter.

    Have a great week.
    Sandy 🙂

  8. Hey Drake–

    Tell you mom that all your buddies, Carson, Kiefer and even baby Knightley LOVE mom’s Sonic drink.

    You’d fit in like flint around here!

  9. Do you really cut your boys hair?
    My husband keeps wanting me to learn, but if they get a bad haircut there is no one to blame but me- YIKES!!!

  10. Oh- My 3 year old just saw your picture from the last post and started laughing! He is really into funny faces right now!

  11. Cute Kiddos! I always here so much about Sonic, but they don’t have them here in CT that I have seen, the drinks do sound great though!!
    I am amazed that you dare to cut your kids hair. Thanks goodness my hubby can do our sons.

  12. my 6 year old drinks out of the straw like that, too funny. love sonic, we go there for happy hour almost everyday 🙂

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