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Great Girl Day

My life is seriously cutting into my blogging time. Dagumit, what’s up with that!?! (j/k) Friday night Jason and I went out to dinner with 3 other couples to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We met at Outback Steak House (yummy) and then went home and played ‘Imagine If’. It was a fun game although I’m horrible at it. I just decided that I rock to the beat of a different tune and so not being able to think the same way other people think is fine with me. 🙂 What do you think, good justification for coming in last? ha ha

We had a really great time. My husband gets along well with all of their husbands so it couldn’t have worked out better! It’s such a fun group of friends.

(Thanks Rochelle for photoshopping me in the pic! You rock girl.)

Friday night I got home late and baked the potatoes for baked potato soup, cooked the bacon, made braclets for the girls, and made the black bean salsa. Saturday morning I got up early cleaned and finished cooking. I hate to cook.

Anyway, here are my book club! They rock. I picked Atlas Shrugged by Ann Rand. We had such a good conversation today. I really liked it.

Afterwards, a couple of us went to the Funky Monkey boutique. Here’s the blue ring I got. Yeah! It’s so fun and I’ve been playing with it all day. Jason set up a double date, so I got a babysitter and we went to dinner and a movie with my man’s BFF and his wife. We had a great time.

11 thoughts on “Great Girl Day

  1. Sounds like quite the party weekend for you!
    I love the ring! Very cool.
    Oh and that potatoe soup sounds yummy. I am sure all of us blogger buds would Love the recipe!

  2. wow you look really great in the ring picture cute hair! sounds like a fun filled weekend! busy is good!

  3. I want all of blogland to know that whenever Laurie says that she is “not a good cook” it is a total LIE. Maybe she doesn’t enjoy it, but she really pulled together a beautiful and delish lunch for all of us “book babes.”

    Good job girlie! You really do rock! I am so glad that we are friends… please don’t hate me for exposing your culinary fib! 🙂

  4. Thanks for a really lovely lunch and conversation yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed being with all our wonderful sistas! 🙂 Your house is absolutely gorgeous, btw. I was inspired.

  5. Bookclub rocked!!! You are such a great hostess, girl! And the food! YUM YUM!!!

    I really enjoyed our discussion as well.

    BTW: I emailed you the altered photo. Hope you got it.

  6. For one who does not like to cook – you sure do it well! I don’t like to cook so I make my book club meet at a local deli when it’s my turn to host! How fun though!

  7. Loven’ your new ring. The Funky Monkey boutique sounds like an awesome store for sure!!
    Isn’t it nice when all the husbands get along. It makes dating with others sooo much easier!

  8. Glad you have had some fun these last couple of days! Sometimes it is very necessary to have some girl time and some date time.

    Love the blue ring–how fun! Any store called Funky Monkey should be fun!

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