Tiara Award

Julie, or crazymamaof6, awarded me the Tiara Award. I am truly honored that she would think of me for this great award. I do actually have my own tiara. I bought it for myself when a friend of mine and I had a shopping day to celebrate my birthday. My 3rd boy was still an infant and I was feeling seriously juked in the girl department.

I award just a couple of the fabulous bloggers I know that have inspired me….

  • Heather from Unwrapped, because she has a kiddo that has some health problems and recently went through surgery. Not to mention, she’s oober creative and just had a girl’s craft night with a bunch of friends. I’m completely inspired by her creations and her mothering.
  • Wendi from Dancin Queen, because I’ve really been impressed by her sincerity and warmth on her blog. She talks a lot about her beliefs and what inspires her spiritually. I feel strengthened and challenged by that.
  • Lacie from Forever Flamingo, because she recently moved away from her amazing group of friends to a very small town. I’m encouraged by her optimism and her consistency in learning to love her new surroundings. I’m also strengthened by her strong faith.

The tiara award is a fabulous thing , pass it on to those that inspire or impress you. Those that might need a boost or a little love. Share it and love it and pass it on!

15 thoughts on “Tiara Award

  1. My girls looked over my shoulder just now.

    Grace: “Why does Laurie have a tiara on her head?”

    Jane: “She looks so pretty!”

    Grace: “She’s crazy!”

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments. Aren’t you so nice?! I really enjoy your blog(blogs) too!

    I decided to try having my blog not be private for a little while after I read your blog post a few days back. We’ll see if that freaks me out too bad or if I can handle it!

  3. Dancin Queen – I think you need to do what’s best for you and your family. It’s important to feel safe. I just want my blogging friends to forgive my neglect and invite me to their blogs. 😉

  4. yay! glad you liked it and that you have your own tiara! how fabulous! and you look phenomenal! and way to go taking it into your own hands buying your own! it is a beauty! hmmm’ makes me think i need another!

  5. Perfect shot! And congrats on the award. No acceptance speech?
    I saw your comments on my blog- you can totally use the ideas for Tip Junkie or Executive Homemaker or whatever….I was originally thinking of making them to sell but realized that it would take so much time/effort that it probably wouldn’t be worth it. Anyway, tip away!

  6. Oh and PLEASE post pics of what you did to your boys backpacks. I want to see!!! (flattered you liked my idea that much)

  7. Laurie,
    You just made my day! I just got off the phone with one of the flamingo girls (her baby girl just started school today!) and I was feeling so far away…then I a read your post for Sunday! Thank you- with a big SMILE!

    Your kind words touched my heart and made it SMILE today! I think I can make make it through one more day of this adventure called life!

    I would have awarded you the tiara!(maybe I will anyway!)
    From one girl with a house full of boys to another…You look sooo girly!

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