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Off to Oklahoma!

Jason has planned a little get away this weekend at a cabin in Oklahoma. I’ll be gone until Monday night to celebrate our 12 year anniversary!
To keep you busy while I’m gone, check out Tip Junkie or Executive Homemaker. I just launched Executive Homemaker in February and would greatly appreciate the love of some word of mouth publicity. 😉
Also, Lisa FINALLY sent me completed pictures of her house. I drove down to College Station and spent last weekend with her to help her unpack and decorate. After 8 grueling hours we had everything unpacked and her entire house completely decorated! Lisa said I should do this for a living 🙂
Here is a BL (before Laurie) picture:
And an AL (after Laurie):
When I was 7 months pregnant with Drake we moved into our home and Lisa & Billy came up and helped completely unpack us in 2 days! I did what I could to help but it was basically me directing them on where things went. I’ll never forget how amazing she was and how good it felt to be unpacked so quickly.
I gave her this clock as a house warming present. I love it in this space!
Lisa let me loose in Walmart and I found this ensemble for a GRAND TOTAL of $31!!
I LOVE JASON’S DELI!!! As reward for good behavior Lisa treated me to a California Club!
Her house looks AMAZING and I had so much fun decorating her house that the several hours of manual labor was worth it 🙂

13 thoughts on “Off to Oklahoma!

  1. Nice job Laurie! You really should do that for a living. And congrats to Lisa on the new place. It looks really beautiful. Tell her we’re all looking forward to the first party to really get it “broken in”.

  2. I think Lisa is right, you should do this for a living. She is very lucky to have a great sis. like you! Have fun in Oklahoma with your wonderful hubby. Happy Anniversary.

  3. wow all the plants really m ake it so homey and nice! you have great style and such a quick transformation! gotta love walmart for the affordable decor! you guys are both fabulous sisters!

  4. Have a great getaway weekend and Happy Anniversary!!

    You did a fabulous job decorating your sister’s house–how fun y’all could do it together.

  5. Wow, what a friend!! Her house looks great, you did a great job.

    How lucky to get to go away for your anniversary, and your husband even planned it himself, I am impressed.

  6. You guys did a great job on the decorating. Looks fabulous! I am a nut about unpacking very quickly myself. I hate living out of boxes!!
    Have fun this weekend on you “love” getaway. Sounds fun.
    “If the cabins rockin, dont come knockin”!!! Did I just say that???

  7. I have a sister like yours- she is THE BEST! We are SO close! We are always there to help each other and get each other through the moves, babies etc! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    And Jason’s Deli- I AGREE! It is my favorite place too! I was wishing we had one closer when we lived there in Keller! We have one here and I never grow tired of salad and soup!

  8. If I ever move again, will you unpack me too?
    You guys are soooo good to each other. How wonderful to have one another!

  9. A job well done! The house looks great 🙂

    Have fun on your little get-away! AND congratulations.

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