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Here’s my crazy Maven’s friends! I know you’ll recognize many in the photo as fellow bloggers.

Here’s Cheryl and Julie who I wish blogged. Their stories are hilarious! I’ve got to say that Julie is laughing in every picture I take of her. 😉

Here’s Tatiana and Lisa. We didn’t share many tips this time. I took the place mats I made as my tip but no one had a circular table, so no one could use it. Bummer. Tatiana was host so we got to see her amazing new house. Yeah for her! She drew for the door prizes. Luckily I won!! this is what she made for us.

I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I’m a loser and hadn’t heard this quote before. I grew up in a house where there was nothing but work, I started my career in a dental office at age 15, and I’m a work-a-holic still today. I’ve been trying very hard to plan fun things for my kiddos and plan family vacations but it’s something that I struggle with. I feel like I should be productive all the time, work on making myself a better person, and keep focus on my goals.

So having this quote in my kitchen as a constant reminder by a Prophet brought me to tears when I put it up in my kitchen. I have such a hard time smelling the roses and relaxing. I feel like I still have too much to prove.

Thanks Tatiana!! You’re also looking at Christmas gifts I’m giving away this year. I hope this powerful message will enlighten others the way it has me. (Don’t worry – the people I’m giving it to don’t read my blog.)

12 thoughts on “Mavens

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote. I have never heard it before. On the same vein, my parents attended a sealing he performed where he gave the advice that you need to have an anxious concern for your spouse or your marriage will become a contest of endurance. I have thought about that a lot. The prophet wants us to enjoy life while enduring to the end.

  2. Love the quote! I too sometimes forget to slow down, laugh, and smell the roses!

    I have a picture of the K-Man smelling some roses when we first moved into our new town, home, life…I should put it on my fridge to remind me to “smell the roses!”

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. pretty great! we did this with our girls night out group . sometimes we do crafts and the vinyl with the tile was way fun and so cute! isn’t in interesting and fabulous when you find a quote that totally speaks to you! glad you had a great night out with the mavens!

  4. That is beautiful…and so true! Don’t you love winning prizes? I must be a child, but that kind of stuff gets me so excited. Yeah you! Also, in the pic of Tat and Lisa, it looks like Lisa is holding a giant bowl of Capt. Crunch Berries. Gonna need ya to explain. :0)

  5. Love the quote…and what a great idea to put it on a floor tile (if that’s what it is?) I have also seen quotes on the glass blocks and those look pretty as well!

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