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I was going to splurge and get my boys a monogrammed backpack this year. However, I was in The Children’s Place and found these backpacks for $12! They boys asked for them and I thought, “That’s a no-brainer“. So I bought them and was a little bummed but moved on.

Then last week I was completed inspired by Mique’s back to school post where she not only monogrammed her kids backpacks herself but also made them some really cool tags too. I was back to being excited and drove over to Micheal’s that day (yes with all 3 boys) and they picked these iron-on letters for their backpacks. Yeah!! (I feel a lot better considering how many of these backpacks I saw at school today.)

So I got an e-mail from Mer who was inspired by my placemats. Don’t you think hers turned out so great! I really like the fabric she chose. She wanted to know how I frayed the edges and I e-mailed her back with pics and told her I cut all along the edges and then washed them.

I’m constantly inspired by you amazing ladies. What have you guys been inspired to do?

10 thoughts on “Inspired Blogging

  1. What a great idea for the backpacks! Alas, we got a High School Musical backpack, so there was no room for her name! But next year!

    As for inspirations, I’m always inspired by what others do! If nothing else, it motivates me to get off my duff and get something done!

  2. great post.. I have been inspired to read the Ensign cover to cover- by Donna.. I have been inspired by Kristi on many craft ideas and simple traditions..
    and of course your blog is always fun to read..
    love the names on the bags.. I should do something like that I bought my girls matching bags this year? HSM2 of course!
    have a good one!

  3. Amazing. Those backpacks turned out so cute. All the links on my blog inspire me. Holy crap – people are creative!

  4. Thanks for posting about this- love the way Davis & Dylan’s turned out. And you can’t beat personalized backpacks for under $20! Woohoo!
    I commented on Tip Junkie too- and finally posted about this…now I want to try out your placemats. It’s on my (ever growing) to do list.

  5. you are soo creative. come visit me and share some of your creativity:)!! rocky point? 🙂
    love ya, diana

  6. They backpacks turned out really cute. I also love the placemats. I just started blogging and everything everywhere is so creative. It is so amazing!

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