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In an attempt to have some quality bonding time with my preteen, um I mean toddler, I enrolled us in Mommy & Me classes at ASI Gymnastics. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Drake is 18 months old going on 13 years old. He is moody, grumpy, he thinks he knows it all, and has a major beef with authority. It’s an hour spent constantly re-directing him as he attempts to make a mad dash to the small trampolines. Once caught he looks at me with his signature “go to hell” look and we start the process all over again. By the end we’re both exhausted and irritable.

There are a couple things my little guy enjoys, yes only a couple. He LOVES the water! Pool, lake, bathtub it’s all good! I’ve been putting him in the tub a lot just to get things done, like get dressed. 😉

Drake also LOVES shoes! If you come over and leave your shoes by the door they’ll be snatched up quickly. Doesn’t his little feet look so cute in Ella’s shoes! He was so mad when he had to give them up. He puts my shoes on several times a day.

We’re well into fall baseball for both the boys. It takes up 2 nights a week an all day Saturday. Here’s Dylan. I should clarify. Jason takes them 2 nights a week and on Saturdays. Drake is such a grumpy ball of fire at the ballfield, I stay with him at home. It’s too exhausting running after him or trying to keep him happy in the bleachers. Thanks honey!

Here’s Davis. I’m not counting on any invites to the All Star team, but I think it’s a good experience for the boys. They’re really looking forward to basketball in the winter and I think that sport suits them a little better.

Where are you carpooling your kids to?

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  1. I had to laugh because I saw your blog and thought to myself- Drake has shoes just like Ella’s. You are a brave woman to do Mommy and Me ASI- I decided I couldn’t handle it will Ella until she gets just a little older! Loved the pictures of the boys and baseball!

  2. Your toddler sounds a LOT like mine. I hope you don’t mind me looking at your blog. I saw it through Kara’s. I’ve never met her either, just a blog buddy. Yours is always so entertaining.


  3. Baseball is so great if you don’t have to go! Maybe I won’t make my son quit if I could manage that. We are doing 2 teams of soccer, ballet, karate, chess, mad science, clay class, girl scouts, kindermusik with the baby, and oh yeah, school. I am overprogrammed. My kids are fine.

  4. we do nothing! i make them walk to and from school! and i didn’t sign up for a sport this season! i am keeping it simple! looked fun though! there seem to be a lot of strong willed little boys around! I hope he mellos down for you soon!

  5. oh I hope Drake snaps out of his moodiness. that is no fun!

    where do I take my kids? swimming, gymnastics, piano, activity days, and an itty bitty sports class…I am thinking it is too much.. I wish they all liked the same thing.. and were in the same class, same time! maybe that would be the bonus to having triplets??

  6. Isn’t it funny how kids just come with certain personalities?! Long naps are the answer to grouchy kids- atleast for mine- does he still nap?

  7. What a trooper to do the “mommy and me” ANYTHING. I was so over that with my first kiddo. For the first one, she has scrapbooks, playdates, mom’s club, gymboree class, read all the time (well at least often) and tons of cute clean clothes. What vitamins do you take? I need some! 🙂

    Fast forward to today. I love my role/calling as mom, simply I would not be who I am today with out it… but… all of those “extras” are way hit and miss. I always make sure of a few things…

    1-check their homework
    2-brush teeth
    3-have them make their own beds
    4-fhe (weekly family home evening)
    5-scriptures (once they are in school… only the picture ones before that.)

    That’s it! (actually, that’s kinda a lot.. but I feel it’s important.)

    Sports are o.k., but the fact is no one is getting ready for the Olympics or World Cup. As long as they can play and be happy, love each other (and themselves), and do o.k. in school … I will feel like I have done what I need to do.

    (sorry for the novel I have written)

    Laurie- I love your blog. It makes me think. You are a great mom, and I am so glad that we are blog buddies and friends in real life. Heart ya!

  8. Laura – I’m 0 for 3 in the nap department. Drake stopped napping at 12 months. He’ll take a nap but it’s ususally around 20 – 30 min. and only once a day. If he falls alseep on the way home, he counts that as his nap. Grrr.

    I have the music and the sound machine, his room is dark, I feed him before, I wait until 1:00. I’ve tried it all. None of the boys have napped but the first two at least did until they were 24 months. Dylan may have napped longer but I don’t remember his toddler years at all. Davis was 4 at the time (and at his worst behavior) and I’ve pretty much blocked out that entire year! 😉

    Jason (my man) read this post and laughed. “It’s so true!”, he said. We can’t figure out why Drake is so grumpy. We just think that’s how he’s built. He’s not snuggly or loving either. He wants what he wants. Thank goodness for Blues Clues! I should have posted that, he does like Blue and Barney.

  9. i have a 2 year old like that. when we went to lunch with lisa i don’t think i sat for more than 10 minutes at a time cause he is off and running away from me as fast as he can.

    if i want to get something done it is eithe nemo, cars or mickey mouse clubhouse (gotta love those)

  10. Where am I carpooling? No where & I am LOVING it!! We decided to keep Fall free from sports and we have so much free time as a family to play, eat at leisure, take walks, do homework and read without stressing. The momentary twinge of guilt that I was denying my kids activities has been replaced by the euphoria of not having to play taxi cab driver and drag younger siblings around when they’re tired.

  11. Drake cracks me up! You can’t appreciate the go to hell look until you do something and he gives it to you because you’re shocked! You have to find the closest person and have them confirm that in fact the 18 month old is saying with his facial expressions, since he can’t talk, ‘BITE ME’! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

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