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Mama Bear Won!

Breaking News! Most of my friends don’t even know this, but we hired an attorney and have been in mediation with the School District since August of last year. The ongoing battle has been about the diagnosis of my son, Davis. I have 4 renown professionals that say he has autism and over 100 pages of diagnosis, as well as medical testing, hair follicle samples, blood work, urine testing, as well as countless therapies. They have 3 tests, 1 hour of observation, and their opinion.

Well, I received a phone call today and received a sincere personal apology for how I have been treated throughout this process and was told that they finally agree, Davis has high functioning autism and will document it as PDD NOS.

Mama Bear and little bear cub have won!

I feel like I should be grateful and count my blessings that the fight, stress, and financial burden of this battle is over. However, for some reason my face is red and I fell like someone just slapped it. (I’m not sure why?) Over the phone, I graciously accepted her apology and agreed with her that this has been a huge burden on our family. But I wanted to say “DUH!” 😉

26 thoughts on “Mama Bear Won!

  1. I’m so happy that Davis has a great Mama Bear to protect his needs and interests and to take such fantastic care of him. I’m ecstatic for you too!!!!

  2. I am truly FLABBERGASTED by this! When did school districts’ “test” and opinions over rule a professional medical diagnosis?! And the district continued to dispute the diagnosis for over a year, even after medical documentation was provided?! This isn’t an argument over the controversial diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. (No disrespect to Mom’s whose children truly combat this daily, as me and my teenage son do.)
    I am not one to cry “lawsuit” but in this instance, I would defiantly seek legal action and restitution for the year your son has “lost” the extra education attention he needed, the financial burden this has placed on your family, and the stress and aggravation in having to dispute this. The school district needs to change there policy’s and so called testing regarding autism and they wont if they feel they can just get off with a simple “were sorry, we were wrong.”

  3. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my GOSH!!! I can’t believe it!!! I need to call you right now!

    I’m SOOOO happy!!!!!

  4. I’m so glad for you. I hope you guys can have some peace now. That is a hard thing to go through I’m sure, and I’m proud of you for standing your ground.

  5. Thanks Anonymous! That’s how I’ve been feeling about this entire situation. Since when can one 20something over ride a diagnosis from the Chief of Staff at the Texas Childrens Meyer’s Developmental Clinic where people fly in from around the country? (For instance) This has been the most bizzar and crazy thing I’ve been involved with. Thus we had to get councel to help mediate. I was too angry and emotional to deal with it on my own.

    I’ve had some time to let things sink in and I’m feeling a lot more relieved than I thought I would be. It’s really nice to have this done and in the past. I’m not sure where things will go from here legally, but I’m glad that the main fight is over and Davis is protected.

    I really appreciate all your well wishes. It’s not something that I talk publicly about so it’s nice to have a place where I can announce my good news.

  6. You are one amazing and tenacious woman. You are to be congratulated for fighting for your son. So many people would have given up. Congratulations! Glad this battle is over.

  7. I can’t imagine how stressful this must have been for you. I’m so glad they finally got their brains and admitted they were wrong for treating you so bad. You are your only childs advocate. You’re a great mom!

  8. YEAH for Momma Bear and bear cub too. I could write a big ol’ novel here but I will control myself with just a quick congrats. You go girl!

  9. Congratulations Laurie! That is awesome! I know it has been a long struggle. I’m glad you stood up to them because a lot of parents wouldn’t have! What a great example.

  10. Whew-Who!!!! I am way proud of you for standing your ground. Sorry it had to be long too, but you stuck it out!!!
    You surely deserve that medal and then some!

  11. That’s awesome for you! Congrats!!

    It seems like it’s all starting to work out for you, from finding the right medication to the school district coming to their senses!! I hope the good news keeps on coming!

  12. Mama bear needs a big hug from all ofther bears out there! Protecting the cubs is not easy work, and I think that you are awesome for sticking up for the kiddos.

    Good work … from not it’s Mrs. QueenBear to that district. (snap, snap, snap!)

  13. That’s great! I’ve been wondering what was going to happen and I’m glad everyone came to their senses. *B

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