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Utah Here We Come

I met up with Lisa in Houston and boarded the plane to Salt Lake City, Utah. The guy in front of us couldn’t believe we were so excited about going to SLC so we had to come up with something better…Here We Come Las Vegas!

We were on THE smallest plane I’ve ever been on and as my luck would have we were on the very last row, which happened to by the lavatory 🙁 I don’t know what the people on that plane ate but it was DISGUSTING! Don’t people know plane etiquette? You only go #1!! The guy across from us was cupping the clean air and funneling it to his nose it got so bad.

We had the cutest flight attendant, Nelson (pictured above giving us the food demonstration – sorry for the bad pic). He was more like a concierge than a flight attendant. Lisa wasn’t hungry so he offered me her meal, he offered to get Lisa more ice twice and he was on the loud speaker every few minutes to inform us of the meals 99% fat free turkey, the bread manufacturer, alcoholic beverages, that the bathroom had soap and towels and the weather. I felt like I should have tipped him when I was leaving.

One of our inside jokes is that Melissa loves Nacho Libre and we tease her about it all the time! Some of my friends were Nacho and the Nun, I borrowed their costumes and we changed in the restroom when we landed. As you can imagine we were getting the best looks from everyone! This was Melissa’s reaction…

Can you see how red her face is? We had the best time!! We went to dinner and just laughed and laughed.

11 thoughts on “Utah Here We Come

  1. How fun!! If I had been a bystander I would have laughed out loud and asked to get picture!

    I bet yall did get funny looks!

  2. Laurie! Ya’ll sound like our group of friends..crazy! 🙂 LOVE it! You are such a cutie! All of you are!!! 😛

    I’m so glad your trip is off to a great start!

  3. the nacho libre costumes are hilarious. haha. i feel ya on the small planes!

    and i love utah. glad you were here. 🙂

  4. I’m still really disappointed that you guys didn’t wear your costumes to the lunch!
    That was such a great time – thanks again for the bookmark. When you get a minute, email me the pictures.
    Travel safely!

  5. your pix of nacho libre costumes were soooo hilarious that i forgot i can’t be mad at you for not coming to az- my life would be a bore without ya in my life! 🙂
    glad you are having a blast in UTAH!

  6. wow! that is hilarious! but rather disconcerting to see the almost exact post on your blog after i had read Lisa’s. about the plane and the costumes! a little borrowing must have occurred. you girls are so dedicated to a laugh! and so funny!
    looked like a super fun time except the lavatory part.

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