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Powder Bath Make Over

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I’m featuring my OTT bathroom make over for Tip Junkie’s Talk to me Tuesday!!

My sister, Lisa, came into town over the weekend. So you know what that means – Project Time!!

This time we did a huge make over on my downstairs power bath room. It’s been completely ignored and needed some TLC. Here’s the before picture.

Before (brown iron)


I’ve been designing this project in my head for months. I had originally planned on doing this in my upstairs guest bathroom but the ceiling isn’t as tall and it’s a funky shape – so the concept wouldn’t work. After much deliberation, I decided to just Go For It!

Lisa took video of the bathroom so you could see it. Thanks Sis!

First, we taped the baseboards and measured out the stripes. I was completely inspired by the trash can (pictured below). I kept the base paint color the same (Monarch Summer Suede) and painted the stripes using BEHR’s Pearlescent Gold Veil. (pictured above)

I purchased all the towels & accessories at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I was inspired by the towels and reproduced the images on them by painting them on canvas. (If you don’t paint, you can have Whitney them for you! She can match any bedding, towels, etc.)

Just my luck, Drake found them in my room last week and decided that he would add some finishing touches. Grrrr!

After way too much time repainting the canvas art, here’s how it looks on the wall. I added some black ribbon to outline it. I decided it needed some kind of border after hanging it on the wall.

We spray painted the iron towel rack and soap holder black.

I used the iron from my banister as the design for the wall. I just traced it onto a posterboard, cut it out, then used it to draw the design onto the wall.

I LOVE it! This is the first room in either of my homes that hasn’t been painted blue, dark blue, light blue, brown, or some sort of neutral color. I’ve decided that this is my new Time-Out spot. If you need me – I’ll be in the bathroom. 😉

Lisa you ROCK!! Thank you so much for all your help and motivation. I love you so much and had the best time painting with you. ‘God made us Sisters, We made us Friends.’ xoxo

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