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Travel Swap

Another fabulous swap completed. I’m pretty sure I could get addicted to this. I received the loveliest package from Christie!

She said that when she saw this Rome box, she immediately thought of me. (That’s where I’m dying to travel.) In the meantime, she suggested that I tuck in pictures and wish lists inside. What a beautiful reminder and great tip to help me achieve and look forward to my goal!

She gave me a wallet-sized photo album to showcase some of my best vacation spots. (Notice it’s pink!) I like to have pictures of my kids when I travel so I’ve already inserted a couple of those.

Christie put a lot of thought into this! In my ‘must have travel’ purse she included Pond’s make-up removing towelettes, chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, candy, and gum. All things I forget to pack in my rush to get out of dodge.

Thanks so much Christie!! I ADORE my package and felt so special when I received it. I felt like you personally hand picked every item just for me! {{squeal with delight}}

Here’s what I sent to Christie:

  • I made her a beaded bookmark with her initial
  • A Sudoko book to play on the airplane
  • I made her a shell necklace to match any outfit including a swim suit for those tropical vacations
  • A ‘Peace at Last’ mask she can wear on the airplane to take a relaxing snooze and warn off chit chatty passengers
  • Fuzzy slippers to keep her feet cozy at the hotel

Christie is a Pride and Prejudice fan, so I made her a Don’t Eat Darcy game. She can play it on the airplane, on a girls trip, or just bring it along for some yummy eye candy. {{giggle}}

Last, but not least, I made her some Pride and Prejudice luggage tags. I was so nervous when I mailed the package, I didn’t want her to be dissappointed. Iwas relieved to find out she liked her package as well. Whew.

If you want to make your own Don’t Eat Darcy game or luggage tags just click on the links and print them out.

Where’s your dream vacation?

4 thoughts on “Travel Swap

  1. Hi there. I’m a fan of your blog. Love your creative ideas!!! Keep up the blogging so us “creativly-challenged” can keep learning!

    -your Canadian Fan

  2. This is going to be a whole bunch of comments on different posts you have made recently…

    How fun was this!!! I would love to do this kind of a swap.

    I love the “Don’t Eat Darcy” game. I am HUGE Jane Austen fan and especially PP.
    Ok now the bathroom. Last Christmas my DH bought me a bunch of bathroom acceosries that are “OOooo LaLa”. Pink, Cream and Dark Grey. And I have collected prints of perfume bottles, high heels, and purses a lot like yours, but have not put everything out because I did nto know what to do with the walls. FINALLY…I know what to do. I am stealing your idea. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bathroom. Thanks for all your ideas and your willingness to share.


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