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The Fun Continues

Friday, Lisa and I took some family time and had lunch with my brother James. It was great to catch up on his life and hear all the goings on of his business, as a mobile DJ. Afterwards, we did a little shopping and I got the kids some gifts to bring home.

Lisa and I can’t stay out of mischief. So that evening we decided to check out the massive house being built behind Melissa’s. It totally took her view of the valley and she’s a little miffed about it. {I would be too!}

This house is really INSANE take a look at that ceiling!! To our good fortune, while we were trespassing, the designer stopped by to inspect the progress. He was so warm and kind that he took us on a tour and explained what was what.

The architecture of the home is outstanding. There are so many cool curves and unique designs. He said that due to the economy he hasn’t worked in 6 months. So if you’re looking to drop a cool Mill on a custom home in Utah shoot me over a e-mail and I’ll hook you up with a designer that will make you feel like the Millionaire you are. (I take a 1% referral fee.)

Friday night we went and saw Iron Man with Melissa’s in-laws. The movie was really good – not for children though. Anyway the best part was afterwards we went into the bathroom and saw these 2 girls primping in the mirror. The entire time I using the facilities I was tyring to figure out how I could get a picture of them!! It turns out Lisa was doing the same thing.

(You know you’re a blogger when you can’t pee because you’re laughing so hard trying to figure out how to get a picture to post on your blog.)

Anyway, we came up with this idea. Lisa and I posed next to the restroom and waited until they came out and then Melissa took the shot. How’s that for making it work.

So here’s a glimpse of what the goth population is wearing in Payson, Utah. The picture doesn’t do their hair justice but I’m glad we got it on film. Talk about priceless.

8 thoughts on “The Fun Continues

  1. GOSH! YOU GIRLS ROCK! that is the best sneaky picture ever!~seriously the styles these days are KILLING ME!

    for real!

    hey i have another giveaway. heads up. organic body products and essential oils. it started today. FYI.

    that mansion! AMAZING! HUGE, and i’d be peeved too. man blocking the View.

    super fun weekend? WOW! love all of it! i’m in for sure next time! if there is a next time.

  2. i just love ya! i admire you girl! you are so on top of it and having a great time.
    i love your organization skills, the fun person you are, the amazing friend you are to me and others, and the good person you are.
    i was just reading your blog catching up from your utah trip and i just wanted to let you know how much i value your friendship and how much i admire you. i am so glad you had a great time.
    you rock and i miss ya!

  3. Interesting about IronMan, yeasterday on the Today Show (which you will learn is my main source of news and entertainment) the 2 stars were on talking about how they were just so pleased to be in a “family show” and what a great show it is for kids. Or maybe they were from SpeedRacer. Hmmm, I can’t remember. But my boys asked me if they could see IronMan. I guess the correct answer is “no.”

  4. Here’s the thing about Iron Man. There was a boy probably around 8 in front of us and he got up and asked his mom if he could leave. She said no and to sit down.

    Just see it first and then you decide. From what I can remember there were only 2-3 scenes I was distubed by. They were intensely gross not necessarily inappropriate.

  5. ♡ I’m glad you guys got that picture! WOW!!! Crazy insane!

    Looks like you guys are having a great time. Love that house holy cow that’s HUGE!!!

  6. I think that goth chick is my sister – seriously. She lives in Payson – I’m giving it at least a 75% chance.

  7. i knew it before, but i know for sure now – you are defiantly a true blogger! That is hilarious that both you and lisa were trying to get the shot for your blog. I love it! Ya’ll did a great job… and thanks for the good laugh!!

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