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End of the School Year Party

It’s that time of year already – end of the school year. {{help!}} The boys have some really amazing room mom who’s went all out this year. Dylan’s class started out with a picnic outside and then they had each took a turn getting their hand painted for the 1st grade banner.

Their class is the first 1st grade class in this school – so their banner will be hung in the library next year and then put in the time capsule. Cute idea. All the kids loved getting their hands painted.

Then it was outside for snow cones,

Flag thingies (technical name of course) – fabric strips stapled on rulers. It was so windy the kids had a blast playing with them.

And lots of bubbles!

Drake was treated like a rockstar during the festivities. He did what ever they told him to do and quite enjoyed the attention.

Davis’ class had a luau! The room moms cut up the table cloths and rotated the colors around the semicircle of desks. Each student had a tiki cup, sand bucket with fun summer sayings on it and filled with lots of candy, a lei, and a cute T-shirt made into a pillow.

Can you see the T-shirt in this picture? I know the picture is blurred {{bad camera}}. She ironed on a fun tag that had each person’s name on it and their teacher’s name. Sewed the bottom and arms shut, filled it with batting, then sewed the head hole.

During the part they passed them around the circle and everyone signed it. What a great idea!! The kids loved them.

Several of the kids dressed up and made masks for the party.

They even decorated their Webkinz, wore flowers in their hair, and decorated their water bottles.

For the end of the year teacher gift, the room mom had a picture and letter framed. All the kids signed the picture mat. I thought that was a very thoughtful gift.

It was a fun filled day! Bless you room mom’s for being so creative and fun.

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