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Good Mail

Last week I received some good mail! Tabetha sent me this beautiful necklace in appreciation for all my referrals. I don’t feel like I’ve done a thing – her products speak for themselves!

So head on over and order gifts for all your favorite ladies in your life! They’ll love them.

I also got some good mail from the IRS. Lucky me. I guess this means Karma’s mad at me again. If only I could figure out what’s ticking her off. These battles between us are kicking my @ss.

One thought on “Good Mail

  1. Yay for good mail! What the heck on the IRS stuff??? I got a thing from them several years ago saying I owed 3 grand. I just about had a heart attack!!! Got cleared up though and turned out they actually owed me more money! Hopefully this isn’t as bad and it seems! Good luck!

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