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Memorial Day Weekend

Question: Why is it that when you want to make a larger purchase, you and your spouse have to really think about it and make sure that’s the right place to put your cash. But when you see something fun for the kids, almost the same price, you purchase it with out hesitation.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this? {{pout}}

Anyway, yes can you believe it – we bought this big yellow banana to give the kids a summer they’ll never forget. I can just imagine when the boys are grown and married reminiscing about that crazy banana ride we had the summer of 2008.

School is out next week and we got a sneak peek of summer over the weekend. The weather was great and we spent the weekend at the lake with friends.

Here’s Drake and Emily taking a snack break. Emily has told her mom that she’s going to kiss Drake and marry him. In my book that’s a done deal, sweetie. You better not let me down! {{kidding – sort of}}

I don’t know who first came up with the concept of national holidays but I’m so grateful. It was so nice to have Jason home not only from work but from school too. YAY for reinforcements. 😉

Greg & Rebecca, Jason and Me, Mike & Julie

Saturday night we meet some friends at Brio for dinner club. The food was yummy but the company was better! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been appreciating adult time lately. Especially with summer right around the corner, I’ve been relishing in the conversations, food, and laughter.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Are You Serious! – It’s not in the water because I was so preoccupied with Drake I didn’t take any in the water. I was really bummed. We were getting ready to leave and I realized it and quickly snapped a shot.

  2. We had one of those big bananas for a few years and loved it! It was definitely worth the money. {Of course my in-laws bought it and we just rode on it, so that’s easy for me to say.}

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