Blogapalooza 2008!

Lisa only gets her hair done when we are in Utah and now she is a completely loyal customer to Liesl. She works miracles on Lisa’s hair.

Here’s Lisa before (no make up)

Here’s Lisa after (with my make up Bare Minerals). She’s all ready to Par-Tay at Blogapalooza tonight.

Blogapalooza was more fun than I imagined it would be. Denae, Paige, Celia, and Jessica really out did themselves! It was so well planned with tons of fun games. I don’t think anyone felt awkward or out of place because it was so organized.

The girls had gone the extra mile and printed out each of our blog headers on photo paper and made into these cute place cards! They really came in handy when I was trying to familiarize myself with the other bloggers. I may not have recognize their face – but I’d know their header. 😉

My favorite was these fun green and teal name tags. The girls were so brilliant to include our profile pic on the name tag! It made it so easy to recognize the people who frequently comment.

Doesn’t Martha look so amazing pregnant! It was so great to see her again.

We started out the evening with a great get to know you game. The questionnaire had questions where you found the person that fit the fill-in-the-blank description. The winner was the one who figured out the most. It was such a fun ice-breaker.

The next game incorporated the door prizes we brought. Each person presented their door prize and why they brought it and then picked a name out of a bag who then received the gift.

I got Holly’s Saturday Splurge box filled with yummy candy. {{perfect for my sweet tooth}} It was meant to be as Holly and I hit it off immediately!

Here’s Sally (no blog but professional commentor) who got Denae’s gift. It turns out Sally and I were in the same Church Ward while at BYU. She knows the Shanks (who were also in our Ward at BYU) who just moved 5 min from me in Texas! Crazy small world.

I talked Lisa into bringing Cow Pee and a Rocky Mountain Apple. It wasn’t really Cow Pee just lemonade. It was so funny and yes, we’re still laughing about it!!

Celia brought her marriage mat. She demonstrated and it was hysterical!

Here’s Lisa and me with Mique and Diane. I was really looking forward to meeting Mique as we have tons in common. She is such a sweet heart and doesn’t she look great in that green jacket. Diane and Lisa totally bonded over swear words and church stories!

The last thing we did was split into tables and discuss Blogging Issues. My table picked me to represent and give an overview of what we discussed.

Paige was fabulous as one of the hostesses!!

Here’s Kara (my Witch Switch partner), Annemarie (who I met last time I was in UT), and Holly. All super fab girls I really enjoyed meeting. We totally bonded!

Two things that really made the evening flow so well was the Google Group that the girls set up and invited each of us to participate in. It was so great to talk to people via the group and make plans and throw out ideas. The member list and the profiles really helped me.

I think what helped us get to know each other best before the party was Celia took the time to list everyone and link their blog on her side bar. We were then able to take the initiative to familiarize ourselves with each other before the party. I’m so grateful for the extra effort the girls put into the party. It was completely worth it – there wasn’t a dull moment or person in the group.

Blogapalooza was such an fun evening. I felt honored to be amongst such incredible women. Big thanks to Denae for the picture!

More to come…

17 thoughts on “Blogapalooza 2008!

  1. ♡ Looks like such a blast!!! So what kind of bloggy issues did you guys talk about? 🙂

  2. I am enjoying everyone’s recaps. (But also feeling sad too.)

    But, OOPS! You have ME linked and it isn’t me. I think it’s Anne Marie? Easily mistaken. Wish it were me. That would mean I was there. But, alas, I wasn’t.

  3. Lisa Marie – oops!! I sure do have the wrong link. I’ll fix it. I’m so bummed you couldn’t make it. We’ll meet up next time.

  4. Ah, there’s your cute profile pic right above me! It’s just such a great profile pic!!

    SOOO glad you got the Saturday Splurge? Have you dug in yet?
    Meeting you was a true highlight for me. And you’re right! We hit it off immediately! SO. Much. FUN!!!

  5. Looks like you guys had fun. I was at the Mariott Center for the concert which was GREAT! anyways, I too want to know what kind of bloggy issues you talked about. Even though it snowed I sure did have a great time at Women’s Conference and I hope everyone else that attended had a good time also.

  6. I still can’t believe I won Celia’s Mat! My husband was like “What is THAT?” I was laughing so hard!

    Such a fabulous party!

  7. Thanks for you beautiful Blog Directory. You are too creative. It was fun meeting in person.

  8. That was so much fun. You did a fantastic job on the directories and I appreciate that so much! It was great to see you again!

  9. Dammit I look good! Blogapalooza was amazing. I can’t believe all the work everyone put into it. There were so many great moments.

  10. HEY! *standing with hands on my hips* I could have gone to UTAH! Why wasn’t I invited? I have a sister in Orem! *stomping off*

  11. Great recap. I love reading everyone’s take on the evening. Thanks for doing the directories. I keep mine by my bed on top of my scrips. I know blogging is true….

  12. Laurie, it was SO Fun to meet you. You are so cute in real life and so creative. The books were awesome. Thank you for everything!

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