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Utah Adventure

In preparation for Blogapalooza I’ve been crazy busy making some fun things. Amongst them are Beaded Bookmarks for my door prize and Blogapalooza Directories for each guest at at the party.

Blogapalooza Directories

Beaded Bookmarks

While I was waiting for Lisa at baggage claim in the Utah airport, I ran into Diane who’s going to the Blogapalooza! She is crazy fun! We were so busy chatting that I didn’t even see Lisa – who was waiting for her OTT welcome from me. Sorry Sis!

Considering our last visit, we couldn’t disappoint Melissa upon our arrival. So we changed into Neo and Trinity costumes from the Matrix. However, this time, no one knew who we were – dagum Utah. I guess that’s what I get for picking a rated R movie.

Don’t laugh {too hard} but I had no idea what this was. Do you?

Here’s a random tip from Melissa, for those of you who have a jet bath tub. You’re supposed to clean out the jets once a year. Use a product like this “Swirl Away”.

There’s been a lot of fuss about Cafe Rio in blog land. So Melissa, Lisa, and I decided to give it a try.

Over rated! I guess we’re just too used to yummy Tex-Mex.

“You wanna mess with us!?!” Here we are having a little fun in Target getting some last minute things for the Par-Tay.

As we were leaving Target it SNOWED! You can’t see the snow – but yes Ladies – it snowed TWICE while I was there. I sure miss my 80 degree Texas weather. {sigh}}

To be continued…

11 thoughts on “Utah Adventure

  1. ♡ It looks like you’re having a blast already! Can’t wait to see happens the rest of the trip! Love the beaded fun stuff!!!

  2. You are too much fun! I want to pick you up at the airport some time.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the Par-tay! Missed you all.

  3. Thanks so much for the cute directery and for the work you put into them! I love it! It was great meeting you!

  4. so fun! i wish i was going the coolest blogger party ever! love the neo and trinity costumes! darn it those utah mormons!

  5. Sounds like the two of you are having a blast!!! I guess that’s why my calls aren’t being returned!
    Love you both!!!! Have an incredible day!!!

  6. So jealous…looks like tons of fun. I would love to come if it is done again next year.

    BTW…sorry you were not impressed with Cafe Rio. It is definitely my fav. Love the Pork Salad


  7. You have not seen tumbleweed in TEXAS? That is what was in the picture with you and & Lisa, right?

  8. Yep that’s tumble weed. It probably is in Texas but I’m a city girl. I’ve seen something similar in AZ blowing through the dessert but it was small. That huge thing was crazy big!

  9. The directories were amazing! They made it easy to get to know one another. Way to go!

    If it was anyone other than Diane that you ditched me for I would still be pissed, but she is cooler than me so I understand.

  10. I love my directory! I can’t believe that they are all different. It was fun meeting you at the airport…small world.

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