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Change is Good

Boy, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on my blog. Summer has been so busy it’s cutting into my blogging time. Geez!

Sunday, I received a new calling (assignment) at church. It’s bitter/sweet for me. Bitter because I was really looking forward to the challenge and creativity of being on the Enrichment board. However, I wasn’t utilized as much as I would have liked and therefore ready for a change.

Sweet for me, because I’m back in my element of teaching the kiddos in Primary. I’m teaching the 3 and 4 year olds and am really looking foward to snacks, bubbles, and lots of games each Sunday.

Since the 3 year olds have the same lesson plans as the 2 year olds, I’m set! I went completely OTT when I was in charge of the 2 year olds (nursery leader) and filed all my lesson plans, hand outs, and games in these two file folders.

Sunday the lesson was on Taste and Feel. I brought some sour skittles along with some other goodies for the lesson. We had our lesson, took a walk, made masks, colored, read tasting and seeing books, and played with fake food.

That’s my kind of Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. Wow!!! Look at your teaching loot! I bet you are the best Sunbeam teacher! Good luck!
    You are always welcome to come out my way and help out in our primary too!

  2. I know that none of our callings to serve are pain positions… but in your case they SHOULD BE!!! You are awesome! Those little kids (and their parents) are so blessed to have you be their teacher.

    Rock on Mrs. Sunbeam. 🙂

  3. O.k., you know I meant “PAID” not “PAIN” … maybe it would be a Fruedian slip since my son is whining and crying in the other room.


  4. Wow, I totally have blenvy right now. I thought I had an o.k. filing system for my nursery stuff but yours is great. You kind of need to keep that sruff since it’s a great work to put it all together. I was only in nursery for 1 1/2 years then was put into the Primary Presidency. I still have all my stuff. Maybe I should file them in the boxes like yours. It would probably tak up less space.

  5. YOU!? OTT? Tee hee!! You’re the best person for that calling. I know you’re going to have a great time.

  6. Wow! I’m impressed with how organized you are. I thought I was doing good by having everything in a binder! =) I’m in nursery, so feel free to share any ideas! (Although we are a bit ahead of you… our lesson this past Sunday was on feelings).

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