Keeping It Real

Me with dirty hair and no make up.

Since my Blogging 101 – What Not To Do post featuring “blenvy“, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the topic. I wrote that post because those are the things I’ve personally learned from blogging and my personal dealings with blenvy. I wrote it to help me deal with my own insecurities and as a tribute to my 1 year of blogging.

Because life isn’t always filled with joy and happy times, I’ve added a new label to my blog posts called “Keeping It Real“. I briefly went back through the archives and updated some posts with this label. These are the posts where I vent a little, cry a little, and open myself up a little more to your judgement. These are my trials and my heart aches.

We all have them and we all post about them. Sometimes they get lost amongst the day-to-day activities we do as Mother’s and Women, but we all experience these down days. I was surprised at how many “Keeping It Real” posts I have shared with you this past year.

I’m making a real effort to make this blog reflect me and who I am as a whole. Obviously that’s not going to be entirely possible but it’s a goal of mine. I’ve often commented to my friends that I should add a crying child sound track to my blog – that would make my blog more realistic. {{not kidding}}

So from here on out, read my post imagining one of my 3 boys crying in the background. Hint: That’s why I get out often. {{giggle}}

10 thoughts on “Keeping It Real

  1. It’s really not fair how cute you are without makeup and hair being done. Seriously, girl! You are a doll.

  2. I agree with Christie, totally not fair your so cute without makeup!
    I like the Keeping it Real!

  3. I read your post with boys screaming in the back ground, but it’s because I’m usually on the phone with you at the time 😉

  4. I think your are always keeping it real. I love to hear that others have crazy lives like I do. Thanks for always having a great blog!

  5. I have “blenvy” at times (more then I would like to confess) and I wnat to thank you for being real and calling it (blenvy) what it is!

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