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Wet & Wild

I am not a morning person, so as much fun as a church pancake breakfast should be, it’s not much fun for me. Oh the daily sacrifices we make for these cute kiddos.

We decorated the bikes for the 4th of July bike parade. Only 1 wheel each got decorated because, like I said earlier, I’m not morning person. {{sigh}}

This little cutie is in the church class I teach (sunbeams). Isn’t she adorable!! Her mom attached the red, white, and blue, paper strands to hair bows and the handle bars. Then she taped on the hair bows to the top of her helmet. Too cute!!

I thought this wagon was adorable all decorated with balloons.

Tatiana & Brent, Greg & Rebecca

Rebecca and her fam met us up at the park and then we headed off to the lake to jet ski.

My boys enjoy playing in the sand more than playing in the water.

Another trip to the beach, and another tube to try out. We are seriously hard to please when it comes to water toys. We took back the banana and tried out this tube. The boys liked it much better.

As usual, Drake wanted Jason and to ride the Jet Ski as much as possible.

Rebecca brought some plaster to make hand prints out of the sand. What a cool idea!!

Here’s how they turned out. I love them!! I think I just might have to frame them in a shadow box and hang them in my beach themed laundry room. Thanks Rebecca for the laughs and the memories!

8 thoughts on “Wet & Wild

  1. Hurray the first to post. Thank you so much for such a great day!!! We all had so much fun. My kiddos were all tuckered out and snoozed on the way home. Thanks again!!!

  2. Haha. I love the picture of the girl on the bike with the streamers in her helmet. Looks like an enjoyable day.

  3. What fun! We had all kinds of excitement here in Hick Town as well…ours was of the horse variety though.

  4. I know who you are :)! I love your blogs. I love the tip one! I wish I had more time to be creative. I want to start a quilting guild but haven’t found the time.
    I love the sand hand prints. We are going to Florida in August so I will have to try that out!

  5. Hi Laurie!
    I’ve been enjoying your Tip Junkie blog for a while now and am finally making it over here to see this one! I’m down in New Braunfels – small world!

    I just submitted a “tip” to you this morning…I freelance for a company called Wonderbrains – it is a toy company. Anyway, I write for them on their blog and this summer, we’re compiling a list of fun activities to do each day with kids…just something to take away the monotony of summer, you know? Anyway, I sent you a link to the weblog in general because the weekly posts should be “sticky” at the top, haha. There’s also a giveaway going on over there, too…and you are more than welcome to promo that as well.

    Anyway, it is great to see another Texas gal. I loved your lake pictures – my parents live on Lake Jacksonville over in East Texas, and your tubing pictures remind me so much of visiting them! (They live across the cove from P@trick Demp$ey’s vacation home – tons of eye candy there!) Hope you have a wonderful week!


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