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Girls Camp

Several years ago, I started the tradition of having a babysitter for one day each week during the summer. I called it my “sanity day”. It used to be a day I grocery shopped and ran errands with out having to get out a stroller at each stop.

However, over the years it’s evolved into more of a “girls camp” day for me. I figure I’ve enrolled the boys in several camps during the summer – I should get one too. {{evil laugh}}

I try to make it a day I get together with a friend and do something I normally wouldn’t get to do. Last week Chanda and I went to check out the Wisteria outlet that Katrina blogged about. Treasures were found and then we headed over to the Mall for food and accessory shopping.

I LOVED having little AJ with us and we totally bonded in the accessory department of Forever 21. We tried on lots of necklaces together and had fun picking out our favorites.

Near the end of our shopping trip, she got a little distracted by Build-a-Bear. I can’t blame her – those skate boarding bears look so cool. Photo op!

Thanks Chanda and AJ! I had such a good time and I’m loving my new bow headband and flower bracelet. Girls camp was a success. {{wink}}

3 thoughts on “Girls Camp

  1. Thanks girl – we had a great day. And after seeing that pic, I totally want some more cotton candy!

  2. Hi Laurie – just thought I’d come check out your personal blog, seeing as how I’m totally crushin’ on Tip Junkie. I love the design here – your header is amazing! Did you do it yourself?

    BTW, I love this “Girls Camp” idea. Can’t wait to get it started around here.

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