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My Favorite Things Swap

I participated in Kelly’s Favorite Things Swap and I had so much fun doing it! My switch partner was Nicole and she’s amazing! She wrap everything up so cute in brown paper and red/white twine. Adorable!

I wish her blog wasn’t private because she has so much to share. Her blog is so feminine and sophisticated – I felt like I was a grown up while I was reading it. {{giggle}}

These are Nicole’s favorite things she sent me:

1. Canvas bag filled with Burt Bee’s lip balm and bubble bath.
2. Book – I loved the chemistry in the P.S. I Love You movie so she got me the book.
3. Blue album – she loves making memories and keeping them close. (blue for my boys)
4. She loves to embroider and made me the 6 B’s quote from President Hinckley. {{love it!}}
5. She loves to make lists and send this cute notebook. I’m a list maker too, so this will really come in handy.
6. Rubber stamps – she loves to create cards, scrapbook, and other paper crafts. {{me too!}}

Nicole, I LOVE it! Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a wonderful and thoughtful package. It was such a treat to receive!

This is what I sent Nicole. I choose to go with a black, white, and red theme because red is her favorite color and I was completely inspired by the black and white Audrey Hepburn photos on her blog.

I really need to get some new favorites. But, alas I picked my tried & true favorites that I’ve blogged about many times before. I tried to tweak them a bit to reflect more Nicole’s style.

{{Yes, me totally sucking in!!}}

I made her a “Blog Babe!” t-shirt in bling like RO and I made for our birthdays. I tried to keep it small because Nicole has more of a sleek style.

I made her my favorite “For my Friend” cards. This has special meaning to me because it was the first homemade card I ever received.

Luggage tags with Audrey Hepburn on them. (Nicole’s favorite actress.)

We both love to read and I feel so feminine when I read with a cute book mark. So I made her 2 Beaded Bookmarks.

Red square necklace. I call this my t-shirt necklace because it’s the perfect size to just pull over my head when I want to be casual but still feel cute.

I also sent her an Abba mix CD because we both love music and she saw Mama Mia recently.

Oh what a fun swap! Thanks Kelly for putting it together – you rock as always.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Things Swap

  1. awesome stuff! way cute swap! love the tee you made for her! SO DARN CUTE! and cute packaging, and color scheme!

  2. thanks so much for your flattering review of the package I sent you – so sweet and I’m glad you liked everything. Though I am the one that is completely overwhelmed with what you sent me – LOVE LOVE LOVE it ALL! Many, many thanks!

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