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I know I’ve been a terrible blogger. I didn’t even take many pictures this week. {{drat!}} Please forgive me and here’s briefly what I’ve been up to the past week…

Calli organized a girls night to see The Women movie. I’m a Meg Ryan fan and enjoyed seeing her back on the big screen. The entire theatre was packed with women and it was such a fun filled night of girl power. Afterwards we celebrated more girl time at the Cheesecake factory. It was a nice break from reality.

Saturday, Cheryl hosted book club. Thanks Cheryl!! The food was so yummy, the conversation was great, but the friendships were the best part.

Monday my friend, who I threw the baby shower for, had her baby girl and I watched her diabetic son over night.

The needles were small, so giving him the shots weren’t as stressful as I thought. However, figuring out the dosage was. I was able to talk to her throughout the evening and confirm everything I was doing. But somehow we messed up on dinner. How do I know? At 10:30 when I checked his blood sugar he was at 275! (100 is normal) I then had to give him 2 different shots and if I messed it up, I would have killed her little boy. {{panic}} Luckily, Jason had just gotten home from school so he there for much needed moral support.

Of course I couldn’t sleep. I checked on him a couple times during the night to be sure he was still breathing and sleeping soundly. He was. He woke up at 6ish and was at 110. {{whew}}

In the end I was so grateful that my friend trusted me with her precious boy. I realized {{once again}} that we all have our difficulties and trials in life. I needed little Quinton to show me that even through difficult trials we can have a positive outlook on life and just roll with the “punches”. He’s such a delightful little boy and we felt honored to have him in our home.

“They say it’s your birthday! dat dun na nun na nuh!” Tuesday was the big day and Casey hosted a lunch with the girls (Mavens & Book club). It was such a beautiful day so we ate outside and had a lovely time.

Katrina & Jenni gave me this amazing gift basket for my laundry room. Katrina couldn’t be there to see my reaction, so I thought I’d show her how much I love the gift!! {{giddy}}

Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room After

What do you think Katrina & Jenni? I still need to get an isle or something to prop up the fish. But I love it! You girls are so flippin‘ fabulous. Thank you. {{hugs}}

Thursday, I had another b-day luncheon filled with friends and bloggers who I adore. Thanks Ladies for such a wonderful afternoon and all your thoughtful gifts.

Last week I sat down next to my friend Trish and she smelled so good. I asked her what she was wearing. She giggled and was a little reluctant to tell me. Finally she said, “Fantasy by Britney Spears”. We both had a good laugh about it. Mainly because it really did smell good on her. Well you could imagine my boisterous reaction when I opened up my own bottle of “Fantasy” Tricia gave me for my b-day. FOTFL!

I also CRACKED UP at Jenn’s gift (who’s now private) of Red Bull. That girl knows exactly what I need. {{wink}}

Thanks Ladies for all gifts and for all the yummy goodies!

For my birthday Lisa and Scott made me a shirt that says, “Yes, I have 3 boys. Yes, I wanted a girl. No, I’m not trying again!” Because of this post. I freaked out when I opened it up!! They know exactly how to make a girl practically pee her pants!

They were pretty proud of themselves and LOVED my reaction. They also made me a mix CD which is one of my favorite gifts right now.

On Friday my family came into town to celebrate Dylan’s baptism. My mom, sister Lisa, brother Scott and I did a little retail therapy that afternoon. We may have gotten a little crazy in the store.

That night was Rochelle’s annual slumber party. It’s always a great time filled with amazing women, reminisced memories, and bonding moments.

I arrived late and had to leave early which was a bummer. But I had a ton of family at my home, had a ton of food to prepare, and had to get to the church early for Dylan’s baptism and open house the next day.

My love language is quality time so hanging out with these women means the world to me. I’m constantly being inspired and uplifted by the amazing women around me. {{hugs}} Since I arrived right in the middle of a game, I didn’t get to take many pictures.

This year, Lisa was able to come and celebrate girl-power with us. It was such a fun evening. Thanks RO! You know how to throw a par-tay.

My mom made this pink crown cake for me. She used ring pops as the jewels in the crown. How amazing is that! I was a little uncomfortable with all the attention but instead of shying away, I just went with it…

I also want to thank you (blogger babes) for your kind e-mails and e-cards wishing me happy birthday. They lifted me up during a stressful time and brightened my days. You Rock!

8 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl

  1. ♥ What a fun birhtday! I would have been stressed out about the shots. I'm glad everything went so well! I like the laundry room make over! 🙂

  2. I’m SO glad you had a great birthday… and that you make me laugh everytime I read one of your posts.

    I LOVE the shirt!! How awesome are your sister and brother!?!?

    Have you finished all the Red Bull yet?!? 😉

  3. So much fun! I’m glad you could be there for as long as you were. I know Saturday was a huge day for you. I can’t believe you had that shot drama as well as all the other drama at home this week. What a crazy birthday week! I’m glad you still had lots of fun. You deserve it, birthday buddy!

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