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Mod Mom Baby Shower

My good friend and neighbor is having her 4th baby and 2nd girl this week. To celebrate all that is this special women, Wendy and I threw her a baby shower. She did the girl method and the girl diet and was successful. {{unlike myself – diet? What?!?}}

Chanda helped me with the invitations and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. They were so easy! I was inspired by these.

Since it was in the evening, we decided to have a dessert bar. Wendy did most of the food and she completely out did herself! She made these without the stick. They were heaven.

For my table decorations, I was inspired by this and this.

Because I’m old school and love creative games. {{It’s my party and I’ll play if I want to!}} I made a baby shower game packet for the party. We got to know the mommy-to-be better with “Mommy True or False”, “How well do you know”, and “A little about Mom”.

I like people to leave feeling like they know the guest of honor better than when they came. I think that goal was successful.

For the party favors I made lables for selofane bags that said, “Thank you for helping us celebrate the ‘sweet’ Porter girl”. Our guests filled them up with the candy from the glasses on the table.

It was such a fun evening!

4 thoughts on “Mod Mom Baby Shower

  1. Laurie, it was such a fun shower last night! Do you know how sweet and cute you are?! Thanks for all you do – and good luck with this weekend!

  2. SO cute and SO bummed I missed it!!!

    Dang that brother who decides to get married after almost 33 years and decides to bring his fiance home to meet that family that night! UGH!?! 😉

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