Mother of Boys

My Boy Turned 8!

Dylan had his official 8th birthday on Tuesday. Dylan is such a sweetie. In years past, he hasn’t asked for anything. It’s so nice that he doesn’t want to be demanding. However, as a result I usually have no idea what to get him!

He’s completely the opposite of Davis who knows exactly what he wants, how much it is, and what special event he can negotiate it for.

This year Dylan had paused the commercials so he could delicately write down a couple items he wanted for this special birthday. I was so proud of him and did my best to accommodate. Dylan was so excited and happy with his new loot!

However, Drake was not. He wanted it!

The helicopter Air Hogs were a huge hit and they’ve been buzzing all over my house ever since. I’ll have to write a thank you note to the engineer who only gave the helicopters only 10 minutes of battery time before needing to re-charge. It’s been my saving grace. {{giggle}}

Of course I forgot the candles, but the evening was wonderful and it was so nice to see Dylan shine with excitement in celebration of his big day.

In the past, he’s been a little bummed because he didn’t get what he wanted. I have to constantly tell him that, “If you don’t ask then you won’t receive. Mommy has many powers but mind-reading isn’t one of them.” {{unfortunately}}

“Happy Birthday Dillie. You bring so much love and peace into our home. You are such a smart boy and a wonderful big & little brother. I feel so blessed to be your Mom. Love you more than the universe!”

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