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Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love it. I used to put a lot of thought an effort into costumes and would have them all sewn by August. It was an obsession of mine that has been cured by the 3rd son. {{sigh}}

I’ve been doing a lot of searching for Tip Junkie as well as trying to decide what I want the boys to be this year. I still haven’t figured it all out. In the meantime, here are pictures of what we’ve been in years past.

1999 – Davis is a year old and I made him this lion costume.

Jason and I took the easy way out and went as pirates.

2000 – Blue Clues

Jason went as Steve, I’m Magenta, Davis is Blue, and Dylan is Green. Dylan is 3 months old and my mom converted a ‘3 pees in a pod’ costume into the green puppy.

2001 – Race Car Drivers

Jason and I were the pit crew. We had “Turk Garage” ironed on the back of our jumpsuits.

2002 – Davis insisted on being a Fire Fighter. So Dylan was a Dalmatian dog, I was fire, and Jason was a fire hydrant. To this day, I don’t know how I convinced him to be a hydrant. He took one for the team, for sure!

2003 – Astronauts

2004 – Super Hero’s

This was the year when the boys decided that what ever birthday theme they had, that was going to be their costume for Halloween.

2005 – Davis went as a Bionicle and Dylan as a power ranger. I was pregnant with Drake, so Jason went as a Samurai and I went as his wife. 😉 Unique I know. {{sarcastic}}

2006 – Star Wars

Davis went as Darth Vader, Dylan went as a Clone Tooper, and Drake went as Yoda.

Jason went as Neo and I went as Trinity. Huge thanks to Chanda for e-mailing this picture to me. {{giddy}}

2007 – Since Davis knows he’s growing up, he decided to be a skeleton. Dylan went as Optimus Prime, and Drake went appropriately as a little devil. {{giggle}}

Jason went as Earl and I went as Joy in “My Name is Earl” to our couples only Halloween Party.

Ahh the memories. Jason and I have figured out what we’re going to be and are currently planning the skit we have to perform at the couple’s Halloween party. It should be good. Not Neo & Trinity good, but funny good. We’ll see if we can pull it off.

What are you going to be this year?

23 thoughts on “Ghosts of Halloween Past

  1. Your pictures are GREAT!

    Tony and I are lame and flat-out refuse to dress up. I do go all out for the kids, tho. Sam is going to be a magician, Anna the magician’s assistant and Josh is going to be the rabbit. Ha!

  2. How fun that your family coordinates! This year Colton is Harry Potter and Danika is a ladybug. Cute, but definitely not coordinating! Last year I did sew a Princess Leia costume and Joel was a Jedi. Maybe we’ll have to be them again!

  3. Great, great costumes! My son has the exact same astronaut costume (sewn from the same pattern)! See my post! Fun to find someone else as crazy about the family costumes as I am!

  4. I absolutely love your blogs, You are one talented woman. I envy you. Cute stuff! Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. I’ll be an um… pregnant nun? I really have no idea. The kids say they know what they want to be but keep changing their mind. I can’t wait to see this year’s pictures. I remember those first three years of costumes well!

  6. Hey! I just found your blog by searching for pictures of a Joy and Earl costume! My fiance and I are going as them this year. Great pics.

  7. Ahh, I love the coordinating costumes! We were able to do it a few times –
    -UPS guy and a package
    -Twisty Tie and bag of trash
    -The golden plates (we each were one side connected by something in the middle)
    -Three blind mice (that was easy with grey sweats, tail, and sunglasses! We only had 1 child then which made us 3!)
    – characters from Wizard of Oz

    That’s all I got!! Thanks for the ideas though..maybe again one halloween!!

  8. You are just so creative!! My hubby wouldn’t go along with my original idea of Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical. But your fire costume is making me feel better about what I’m going to be this year. Since I’ll be walking with an alligator and a monkey I thought I would be a tree for the monkey to climb in case of danger.

    My favorite of yours is the Pit crew. I’ll have to remember that one. The sad thing is it’s hard to get my boys to go along with my ideas now that they are older.

  9. So-what is it going to be this year? I was watching Martha Stewart one day, and she was making childrens costumes out of zip up hoodies. No sewing required-just fabric tac! Sweet! So hubby and I are going to be Little Red Riding hood-complete with braids, adn he is going to be the wolf. I just need to venture to wal-mart to pick up the hoodies. They were darling on her show-reds hair was brown yarn braided together and glued right inside the hood.
    Really-she has some great, cheap easy ideas on her site. If you haven’t decided yet, go and check it out. I do have a love hate relationship with this woman, I love her staff and all of their great ideas that she takes the credit for!

  10. Okay, love the Earl and Joy costumes and I laughed when I saw the Blue’s Clues year–your husband looks just like Joe! 🙂 Soo creative! Have a great Halloween!

  11. I wish I were as fun as you. I really, really do. I wear a witch’s hat every Halloween…the same one…see? I told you. I’m really not fun. But I want to be. Does that count? :0)

  12. I have always loved your enthusiasm and creativity for Halloween! It’s people like you that make the holiday enjoyable for me!

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