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Rockin’ Guitar Hero Birthday Party

Davis wanted a Guitar Hero birthday party this year. Talk about a fun theme and easy to plan.

We made the invitations into backstage passes. Needless to say, Davis approved.

Here I am as a groupie.

I had bought some inflatable instruments to add a bit to the decor.

However, I had no idea that they would turn into a fun game for 12 ten year olds.

They even wanted to take them home! So if you’re looking for a fun party gift, I guess this would be contender. Who knew?

I just ordered the Hanna Montana cupcake cake in blue & black from trusty ol’ Wal-mart. $13 baby!

I was clueless as to what I should have for the favor. I wasn’t sure if the parents would approve of a CD with rock music. So I got each one a trophy with a guitar key chain and hot tamales. The note said, “You are red hot! Thanks for rockin’ out at my party!”

The boys played in a guitar hero tournament. I had a score board and the winners play each other and the losers played each other. I had a 1st place trophy for the winner.

I was so impressed with all the boys. No one got their feelings hurt and there weren’t any disagreements. These are some amazing boys and I was so proud of them and glad they were in my home.

I’m so bummed about this picture. I guess my flash didn’t go off. Everyone had such a good time. It was great to celebrate Davis and be surrounded by people who appreciate him for who he is. Thanks guys!

11 thoughts on “Rockin’ Guitar Hero Birthday Party

  1. sooo darling! you are so creative and you deserve an award for throwing the coolest parties!
    happy bday davis!! i can’t believe it has been 10 years too!

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